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We can’t tell you who to hire,

we can tell you who you’re hiring.

Employment screening with Validata

Validata offers ‘the comfort of being sure’. With our future-proof screening solutions, we help your organisation uphold its integrity.


Time-saving screening software

Access screenings on your desktop or mobile anytime and anywhere.

Safe and secure

We are ISO certified and handle confidential data carefully, in accordance with the GDPR.


Fast screening process

Our short turnaround times mean that your candidates can start in their position quickly.

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Types of screening

Whether screening job applicants or existing employees, we can help you find the best candidates with their hearts and minds in the right place.

More than 300.000 background checks for over 1.300 organisations in various industries and countries.

Tailor made functionalities

With our user-friendly software, you can significantly reduce the turnaround time of screenings, minimise data entry errors and deliver a quick digital report so your candidates can start working in no time.

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Interim insights

In our application, you can get interim insight into the progress of a screening. When one of the background checks is complete, a preliminary report is made available.

Automated reminders

When information is missing or if a referee has not yet responded, our application automatically sends reminders. This automated process reduces turnaround time and supports candidates throughout their screening process.

Integrate with your ATS/HR system

We make it easy to add employment screening to your existing workflow. By doing so, all relevant data is stored in one central place and you can streamline the recruitment process.

Start screening from your ATS/HR system

Validata’s API makes it easy to integrate employment screening with your ATS/HR system. Moreover, this will unburden your HR department, with benefits such as faster registration, less chance of manual errors, and all relevant data and results centralized in one location.

Curious about the integration possibilities?

View our partner integrations

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