People determine the success of your organisation

By screening employees, you know who you hire. Build an honest and safe global working environment with Validata.

Employment screening with Validata

Smart software solutions

Validata’s software gives you access to your screening data anytime and anywhere.

Safe and Secure

We screen for multinational companies ensuring that they meet all current laws and regulations and are 100% GDPR compliant.

Worldwide Network

Our international partnerships allow us to verify data directly at the source and integrate with any existing HR software.

Pre-employment screening services

Screen your potential employees locally or internationally and make sure that you know who you hire! We work together with global trusted partners and digital integrations to quickly screen your employees.

In-employment screening services

Screen your existing employees to manage risk and guarantee that your employees meet the specific industry and job requirements locally and internationally.

Employment screening in every sector!

Laws and regulations for employment screening differ per country and sector. Validata is an expert in global employment screening and knows exactly which legislation you need to meet. We offer customised background checks for different sectors and countries. Find your sector and contact us for more information.

Financial services
Want to comply with current financial laws and legislation?
Business services
Want to professionalise your hiring process?
Health care
Ensure your employees are qualified for the position.
Industry & Energy
Ensure quality and professionalism within your organisation.
Honest employees in the right position result in better customer satisfaction.
Government & Education
Ensure safe working environments and mitigate risk.
Tempting & Secondment
Make sure your clients are satisfied with your seconded employees.
Transport & Logistics
Mitigate supply chain risks and ensure your shipments are taken care of.
Software & Telecom
Digitise your screening services and secure your data
A suitable solution for every organisation
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Validata’s global customer focus

Validata has an international client base. For over 1000 companies globally, Validata manages the entire employment screening process for its clients. No matter the country, company size, or background check we have got you covered. Provide a positive candidate experience with a digital screening process, while staying globally compliant.

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Software with a difference

A solution your (potential) employees will love. Professionalise your hiring process with Validata’s employment screening solution. Experience an optimised digital candidate experience, all reports centralised, digital integrations with your existing HR software, tailored profiles to suit your organisation, and a fast screening turnaround time globally.

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