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Background checks

A background check ensures that a (potential) employee is suited for a certain position. Diverse background checks are available for you to choose from depending on your organisation’s needs. Each sector and country have their own laws and regulations which also determine which background checks are required.

Customised employment screening with different background checks

Risks differ for each type of business, sector, and country location which is why regulations and laws also differ per country and sector. Validata has designed screening profiles and background checks that are tailored to different sectors and country locations. Depending on your organisation’s location(s) and specific sector requirements, Validata can screen employees internationally, ensuring that your organisation always complies with current laws and regulations.

Validata’s international background checks

Validata is an expert in providing different background checks for organisations worldwide. Our secure online system and global partnerships with data suppliers guarantee a quick turnaround time. Some of the inter(national) background checks we offer are included below. If you are interested to know the different checks we offer for your country and sector, contact us via contact form.

A selection of background checks

Identity check

An identity check, or ID check, is the most frequently performed check within Validata’s screening profiles. The identity of a (potential) employee is verified by examining a passport, ID card, or residence permit. Validata performs identity checks on both a national and an international level for businesses across Europe.

Education check

Validata checks the authenticity and validity of international diplomas attained at the highest level of education. Together with data supplier Nuffic, an independent non-profit organization, we can also verify whether the training institution is accredited in the country of origin.

Work experience check

Validata checks the work experience of a (potential) employee. An appointed referee or HR department is approached to verify the period of employment, stated position, and employer.

Statement of integrity

Validata offers an integrity statement to provide insight into the candidate’s behaviour. This international check is often combined with other background checks to manage risk.  It can provide insight into a candidate’s financial risks, secondary functions, and activities, involvement in criminal matters. This statement must be answered truthfully and signed by the (potential) employee.

Criminal record check

Validata assists organisations obtain international criminal record checks. Validata has access to an extensive database of countries where we can request international criminal record check or we check with the relevant country’s embassy. This process differs per country.

Credit check

Checking the creditworthiness of (potential) employees offers insight into possible (financial) risks. Relevant information from courts, bailiffs, debt collection agencies is consulted and payment arrears are checked. The application procedure for an international creditworthiness check differs per country.

Company check

Validata’s company check provides certainty about the owned companies of (potential) employees. The company’s actual existence, branch number, financial stability & credit worth, and which legal form it uses are checked. Validata performs this background check with international data partner Dun & Bradstreet (D&B).

PEP-check, sanction list, and adverse media check

Validata examines global accounts of money laundering, (financial) fraud, the financing of or participation in criminal organisations, and drug-related crime. A team of researchers checks daily publications from financial, regulatory, and disciplinary authorities worldwide. However, anti-corruption agencies such as Interpol, Europol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are also consulted

International background screening of Validata

Validata is market leader in employment screening services. Since 2009, Validata has performed more than 200,000 screenings for over 1,000 companies worldwide. That’s how we know exactly what background checks are required in your country and sector. Do you want to conduct background checks for your organisation with Validata? Select your country and we can show you what employment screening services are available!

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Benefits of screening with Validata

There are two options when you want to make sure that the information on a candidate’s CV is correct; you can pick this up yourself or outsource it to a knowledgeable and experienced organisation in employment screening.

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Screening without Validata

  • Numerous manual processes: follow-up calls and emails
  • Time-consuming
  • Paperwork and no digital validation
  • Uncertainty regarding which information source to consult
  • Poor insight into personal data security
  • No progress overview

Screening with Validata

  • Automated processes and communication
  • Short turnaround time of 5 working days on average
  • Digital validation and all information in one central location
  • Network of partners who check information directly at the source
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Online reporting and interim insights
  • Alleviate workload for your HR department
  • Integrate with your ATS/HR system
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