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Pre-employment screening services

What is pre- employment screening? Pre-employment screening involves the verification of relevant candidate or employee data on a local or international level, ensuring the best possible hire for a certain position. With pre-employment screening, you know who you are recruiting and retaining across your organisation.

Pre-employment screening services

Research shows that 71% of all CVs contain falsehoods, which have either been deliberately or accidentally included. Of this, 8 to 10% are complete lies purposely included. If you are recruiting new employees (inter)nationally, you need to be sure that the candidate’s CV is accurate.

We believe that people determine the success of the organisation. Honest employees strengthen the organisation and together deliver better results. Therefore, it’s important to make the right hiring decision. Pre-employment screening reveals any abnormalities that are deliberately or accidentally included in CVs so that you can discuss these with the applicant and ensure a safe working environment across all your subsidiaries and branches.

Validata facilitates the pre-employment screening process using an innovative screening solution. We check whether the applicant’s provided information is correct on a local and international level. This can include a diploma, work experience check or a credit check, criminal record, or VAT-number verification. Together with our verified global partners, we use digital integrations to verify (inter)national data directly at the source. Due to our global integrations and smart technology, employment screening with Validata can be cheaper and more quickly performed, allowing you to focus on your core business.

An (inter)national employment screening service

We manage the entire (inter)national employment screening process

You only have to introduce a (potential) employee to us and we will take the entire screening process off your hands. No matter their nationality or country location, within 5 working days on average the screening will be complete together with a screening report.

Global network of trusted partners

We have a global network of data partners and HR integrations that make it easier for us to check data in international registers but also integrate with your existing HR software.

Expert in employment screening

Since 2009, we have performed more than 200,000 background checks worldwide. No matter your company size, sector, or location, we can tailor our screening services to your needs.

GDPR compliant screening

Our employment screening process guarantees to meet all (inter)national GDPR guidelines. No matter your country our secure software safely processes candidate data.

Our worldwide clients

Since 2009, Validata has performed over 200,000 background checks for over 1000 companies worldwide. Our employment screening solution is used globally by candidates and clients. From our two locations in Sweden and the Netherlands, we provide global pre-employment screening services for numerous sectors including, Financial, Healthcare, Business Services, Software & Telecom amongst others.

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How does the screening process work?

Benefits of screening with Validata

There are two options when you want to make sure that the information on a candidate’s CV is correct; you can pick this up yourself or outsource it to a knowledgeable and experienced organisation in employment screening.

Screening without Validata

  • Numerous manual processes: follow-up calls and emails
  • Time-consuming
  • Paperwork and no digital validation
  • Uncertainty regarding which information source to consult
  • Poor insight into personal data security
  • No progress overview

Screening with Validata

  • Automated processes and communication
  • Short turnaround time of 5 working days on average
  • Digital validation and all information in one central location
  • Network of partners who check information directly at the source
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Online reporting and interim insights
  • Alleviate workload for your HR department
  • Integrate with your ATS/HR system
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