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People determine the success of your organisation. That’s why it’s vital to know who you are hiring. Employment screening with Validata ensures the best possible hire for a certain position and that potential risks are mitigated.

Most global organisations use employment screening services for risk management purposes. However, due to increasing (inter)national legislation and regulations, global screening services can also ensure that employees meet certain requirements. Ultimately, trustworthy and qualified employees deliver better results and build competitive advantage.

Working together with global trusted partners, Validata is experienced in providing employment screening services for companies worldwide. Choose to screen with Validata to professionalise your hiring process and guarantee a safe working environment.

Why screen with Validata?

  • We take care of the entire employment screening process: You only have to introduce a (potential) employee to us and we will take the entire screening process off your hands. After we have finished the background check, you and the employee will both receive a screening report.
  • Global network of trusted partners: We have a worldwide network of data and commercial partners, that makes it easier for us to check data in international registers but also integrate with your existing HR software.
  • Expert in employment screening: Since 2009, we have performed more than 200,000 background checks worldwide. No matter your company size or sector, we can tailor our screening services to your needs.
  • GDPR compliant screening: Our employment screening process guarantees that you meet all (inter)national GDPR guidelines. No matter your country our secure software safely processes candidate data.

Employment screening services reviews

Validata has performed over 200,000 screenings for more than 1000 companies worldwide and across various sectors. Our clients’ success stories say it all. Whether you are screening due to regulations, want to improve your risk management, or have the comfort of being sure, Validata can help you. We are a people to people organisation and our hands-on approach helps you achieve the best possible hire.

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