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In-employment screening

In-employment screening involves the verification of an existing employee’s data. A change in an employee’s situation may result in risks. In-employment screening ensures that an employer is aware of these risks. By doing this, you know who you retain in your organisation!

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Why conduct in-employment screening?

During an in-employment screening, we check the data of your existing employees. This service is usually used in addition to pre-employment screening, the screening of applicants before employment. As an individual’s living and work situation can constantly change, it is therefore helpful to perform certain checks periodically. For example, an employer may conduct a VOG check after five years to determine whether an employee has committed criminal offenses that may pose a risk to his/her position or the organisation in general.

An in-employment screening can be conducted as a one-time check or periodically.

  • A single in-employment screening usually occurs when an employee changes positions or is promoted.
  • Periodic in-employment screening is often done for reasons of quality management or even legislation, such as the Financial Supervision Act, also known as the Wft.

It is important to note that in-employment screening is not a sign of distrust, but a means to strengthen trust and reduce risks.

More about in-employment screening

White paper
Download requirements for successful in-employment screening
White paper
Download requirements for successful in-employment screening
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Why conduct an in-employment screening with Validata?

Short turnaround time

A screening within the Netherlands is generally completed within 5 working days (excluding the application for the VOG and international diplomas).

Unburden your HR department

As soon as you have registered a (potential) employee and chosen the matching screening profile, Validata takes the entire screening process off your hands. This way, your organisation can focus on their core business and you can be sure that your employees meet the (sector) requirements.

Utilise our wide network of data partners

To easily gain insight into the right information, a broad network of data partners is needed. A professional screening organisation like Validata has established trusted partnerships, so you don’t have to take on this challenge.

Comply with privacy laws and regulations

In-employment screening can be a privacy-sensitive process. By engaging an in-employment screening service, you can be sure that your data and that of your employees is safeguarded according to the AVG guidelines.

Start with in-employment screening

Are you interested in Validata’s in-employment screening services? We are happy to think along with your organisation about a suitable solution. Get in touch with our team and we’ll talk soon!

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