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Employment screening services

Employment screening involves the verification of relevant candidate or employee data, ensuring the best possible hire for a certain position. In doing so, you know who you are recruiting and retaining in your organisation!

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Pre-employment screening services

Job interviews are important because they give a useful impression of the applicant’s knowledge and skills and also indicate whether they fit the company’s culture. However, it is valuable to check the factual information before you make a final hiring decision. In doing so, you ensure you hire the best candidate. Validata takes the entire pre-employment screening process off your hands, screening your candidates so that you can focus on your organisation’s core business.

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In-employment screening

In addition, several reasons exist to screen existing personnel. For example, if an employee’s situation has changed. This would not be a sign of bad faith, but rather an opportunity to create a safe working environment that is built on mutual trust and transparency. In addition, increasing legislation and regulations may make it smart to periodically screen current employees, i.e. carry out in-employment screening.

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Frequently Asked Questions about employment screening


What is an employment screening service?

Employment screening ensures that (potential) employees are who they say they are and that their backgrounds pose no risk to your organisation. However, screening can be a complex process and by conducting it in-house, more responsibilities are assigned to your HR department. For this reason, an organisation may choose to outsource this process and make use of professional employment screening services, such as those provided by Validata.

Why use an employment screening service?

If you want to verify a candidate’s CV or check if a diploma has been obtained, two options exist. One option is to do the verification yourself. However, checking such information takes time and it may not be clear how you can verify certain information. The second option is to outsource the background check to an organisation experienced in employment screening.

Validata is market leader in employment screening. For example, we perform a background check and assist organisations with reference checks. Validata works together with trusted partners and uses digital integrations to access and verify the right data. As a result, employment screening with Validata is quicker and can be cheaper than the hidden costs that in-house screening entails.

Why conduct employment screening via Validata?

Through our years of experience, we are well aware of the needs in different sectors. Moreover, we work with an innovative screening software, in which candidates can be registered 24/7. You only have to submit the candidate’s name and contact details. Validata will then contact the candidate taking the entire screening process off your hands. We ask the candidate to provide the necessary information to then start the verification process by working together with our data partners.  Once the screening is fully complete, the employer and candidate will receive a final screening report of the pre-employment screening. In doing so, Validata ensures a fast, convenient and transparent process for both parties.

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Download the basis of employment screening
White paper
Download the basis of employment screening
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 Benefits of screening with Validata

There are two options when you want to make sure that the information on a candidate’s CV is correct; you can pick this up yourself or outsource it to a knowledgeable and experienced organisation in employment screening.

Screening without Validata

  • Numerous manual processes: follow-up calls and emails
  • Time-consuming
  • Paperwork and no digital validation
  • Uncertainty regarding which information source to consult
  • Poor insight into personal data security
  • No progress overview

Screening with Validata

  • Automated processes and communication
  • Short turnaround time of 5 working days on average
  • Digital validation and all information in one central location
  • Network of partners who check information directly at the source
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Online reporting and interim insights
  • Alleviate workload for your HR department
  • Integrate with your ATS/HR system

Start screening from your ATS/HR system

Validata’s API makes it easy to integrate employment screening with your ATS/HR system. Moreover, this will unburden your HR department, with benefits such as faster registration, less chance of manual errors, and all relevant data and results centralized in one location.

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