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Employment screening software with a difference software

Our unique applicant screening software, Valluga, uses best-in-class technology to rapidly and securely process hundreds of screenings globally each day. Our technology advantage? Our digital integrations with global data suppliers and leading HR & ATS systems combined with our user-centric design and automated processes. Our innovative candidate screening software developments allow you to reduce screening turn-around time, minimise data errors, and deliver a fast digital report, so you can hire and onboard in no time.

Save time

Save costs

Risk management

Candidate convenience

Unburdens HR department

Simple and efficient screening software

Validata’s screening software, Valluga, works simply and efficiently. After creating an account, you choose a screening profile and fill in the candidate’s contact details. Next, we reach out to the candidate, after which they submit the required data in Valluga. Once we have received all data, the screening process starts.

Functionalities of the software

Making the employment screening process as easy as possible for candidates is  essential for many employers. That’s why our background screening software features are built with both the employer and candidate in mind

Preliminary insight

When a screening is completed, we present a report with the results and objective findings per background check. We offer preliminary insights into the results i.e. as soon as one check is complete you can view its status. This way you can actively monitor the progress of each screening.

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Integrated with your ATS/HR system

Validata provides direct access to employment screening from your current HR or recruitment tools to streamline hiring. Launch employment screening from within your existing workflow and access all reports from one spot.

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Automated communication

We manage all communication between the employer and candidate throughout the screening process. This also includes automated reminders e.g. if any information has not been provided or a referee has not responded. In this case, the candidate will receive an email, text or ultimately a call from our Support team.

Cloud storage

Validata offers cloud storage to clients, so employers can keep all employee data secure and in line with the GDPR.  Validata offers various storage facilities for employers.

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Mobile-first design

Our application is desktop, mobile, and tablet friendly. This allows candidates around the world to complete their screening on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Personalised Screening environment

Make your screening environment compatible with your company branding and look & feel. By doing so, candidates feel more onboard with the screening and experience a customised screening process.

Short turnaround time

After receiving the correct data, a screening in the Netherlands or Sweden, with exceptions, takes an average of under 5 working days. Other international screenings often take longer.

Support for questions

Our dedicated support team is at your service 5 days a week from 8am to 8pm (except on Friday: we are open until 6pm).

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Screening software; no safety concerns

The security of our screening software is perhaps the most important precondition for our existence. Validata uses privacy by design in the continuous development of its system.

Privacy by design

We ensure that the requirements of the GDPR are already accounted for in the development of new processes and systems. By using privacy by design at an early stage, optimal security of personal data can be guaranteed from the start and organisations can be sure that they rely on an organisation that complies with the GDPR.

Security by design

To guarantee our screening software’s security, Validata uses secure frameworks and continuously monitors and scans the application daily for vulnerabilities. As a result, the safe and precise in-house development team delivers a secure screening application, hosted within the EU at a top-tier data centre. Additionally, it is periodically tested through penetration tests and ethical hackers by independent parties.

ISO certified

Validata is also ISO certified (27001 & 9001). This guarantees high quality management and information security.

Start screening with your ATS/HR system

Validata’s API makes it easy to integrate employment screening with your ATS/HR system. Moreover, this will unburden your HR department, with benefits such as faster registration, less chance of manual errors, and all relevant data and results centralized in one location.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our screening software

As an employer can I track the progress of a screening?

In our secure environment Valluga, both the employer and candidate have interim insight into the progress of the screening process.

In addition, we work with interim reports per background check: when a component has been completed, an interim report is presented with the findings. As an employer, you can regularly check the statuses of checks.

What is the average turnaround time for a screening at Validata?

After the candidate has provided the required data, the average turnaround time of a screening at Validata is 5 working days. Elements that have a longer turnaround time are the certificate of conduct (VOG) and the verification of foreign diplomas.

We work with a recruitment/HR system. Is it possible to integrate our HR software with Validata’s solution?

Yes, it is possible. Validata offers an advanced API that makes it easy to integrate with your existing HR software. Our integration ability means that you can screen candidates from directly within your existing ATS or HR system.

Are we already integrated with your HR tools? View our partner integrations. If your HR software is not presently a partner get in touch with us and we can easily make an integration.

Start to work with Validata’s screening software

Our screening software, Valluga, is ready to optimise and digitise your screening processes. Take advantage of our secure and efficient way of employment screening. Valluga offers verified results, fast processes, advanced technologies, interim reports and a final report to give your organisation security in hiring and retaining candidates and employees.

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