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The functionalities of our
screening software

Validata’s software is specifically designed to safely and quickly process hundreds of screenings every day. Curious about the functionalities and benefits for your organisation? Read more in this article.

Customised functionalities

Our screening software is designed to facilitate the screening process for your organisation. Our specialists are developing functionalities with both employer and candidate in mind.

Functionaliteiten van Validata's screening software
Interim insights

When a screening is completed, we present a report with the results and objective findings per employment screening. In addition, we offer interim insights, i.e. once a screening has been completed, you can view its status. This way you can actively follow the progress of every screening.

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Integrated with your ATS/HR system

Validata offers direct access to employment screening from your current HR or recruitment tools to streamline recruitment. Start employment screening from your existing workflow and access all reports from one central location.

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Automated communication

During the screening process, we manage all communication with the candidate. This includes automated reminders, for example, if information is missing or if a referent has not yet responded. The candidate receives an email, text message, or eventually a phone call from our Support team. This automated process reduces the screening turnaround time and supports candidates every step of the way.

Cloud storage

Validata offers cloud storage to clients, allowing employers to keep staff data secure and in line with the GDPR. Validata offers several options for employers to store data. Contact us to learn more.

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Mobile-first design

Our application is desktop, mobile, and tablet friendly. This allows candidates around the world to complete their screening whenever and wherever they want.

Personalised screening environment

Align our software with your branding to match the look and feel of your organisation. That way, candidates feel more engaged in the screening process and experience a customised screening process.

How to request a screening in our software?

Customised account

Valluga offers organisations several options. For example, an organisation can style and design its own environment in consultation with Validata. Our focus is on usability, efficiency, and process automation. We are continuously improving our product and ensuring that optimisations are rolled out in a scalable way so that all users benefit.

In addition, there are opportunities to customise your account. For example, you can choose to style the screening environment according to your own branding. Curious about what’s possible?

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