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Employment screening at different organisational levels

Description in header: When a company decides to start screening employees, they automatically have to consider sector-specific laws, the employee’s position, and how to check the right data. Our white paper discusses key considerations you should take if screening employees across various levels in your organisation.

Screening across different levels in your organisation

Screening employees across various levels in your organisation needs careful consideration. What should you screen an employee for and how do you ensure that the employee’s privacy is not invaded? What risks does the position entail and how can you manage this?

Diverse screening elements for diverse employee positions

Depending on the responsibilities associated with the employee’s position and your sector’s laws and regulations, each sector and position will require different background checks, also known as screening elements.

In this white paper, we will expand on the following topics:

  • The specific screening elements for each sector and position: Your organisation has to determine the specific background checks for (potential) employees to appropriately screen across different levels of your organisation.
  • Communication and regulations that come with it: When you want to get everyone in your organisation on board, clear internal communication is in your best interest. That’s why it’s important how you communicate your selection of screening elements and check information while you comply with the GDPR.
  • Risk management at different organisational levels: In order to provide clarity to the entire organsations, you will need to map out the risks associated with each position.

Download employment screening at different organisational levels

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