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Validata offers suitable employment screening. On this page you will find relevant information about employment screening.

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Comply with relevant laws and regulations

When you want to screen your employees or candidates, it is important to know which laws and regulations you need to take into account. For each sector or organisation, this may be different. It is also important to consider general issues that are important in employment screening.

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Validata’s employment screening services

Validata is market leader in the field of employment screening. Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer a fast and efficient screening process that complies with current (privacy) laws and regulations. To gain quick insight into the right data, we collaborate with trusted partners all over the world.

Validata unburdens you

Validata takes all the work off your hands, including the communication with the candidate.

Short turnaround time

At Validata, you can start and complete a new screening 24/7, whenever and wherever you want. As a result, a screening in the Netherlands is generally completed within 5 working days (apart from the VOG application and international diplomas).

Interim insight

In our secure environment, you get interim insight into the progress of the screening process. When a part of the screening is completed, a partial report is made available.

Recommended checks for other sectors

Validata offers three screening profiles by default specifically drafted for the other sectors, so that there is always a profile that matches your candidate’s job and responsibilities. The costs below apply to one screening, i.e. one candidate.

  • Identity check
  • Education check
  • Statement of integrity
per screening
  • Identity check
  • Education check
  • Statement of integrity
  • VOG check
    (certificate of conduct)
  • Work experience check
    (1 reference)
per screening
  • Identity check
  • Education check
  • Statement of integrity
  • VOG check
    (certificate of conduct)
  • Work experience check
    (5 years)*
  • Credit check
per screening

*Please note that when chosen for screening profile complete, we verify five years of work experience. The costs of this profile are however based on one reference, as the number of former employers varies per individual. If a candidate has worked for more than one employer over the past five years, a surcharge of €16,50 will be charged for each additional reference.

Create your own account and start screening today

Screening has never been easier. Create an online account by following the steps below. Please note, when creating your account, a one-time start-up fee will be charged.

  1. Create account: Click on ‘Start screening’ below. You will now be redirected to our screening application.
  2. Overview of standard profiles and checks: Next you can see the screening profiles Light, Basic and Complete again, including the checks they include. You get access to all three profiles by default, so you do not have to choose. Then click on ‘Start the application’.
  3. Enter your company details: Enter the details of your organisation and the contact details of the person who will be responsible for requesting the screenings.
  4. Complete your account: Once everything is in order and you have paid the start-up fee, you will immediately access your account in our secure environment. Time to request your first screening!

Start screening

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