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White papers

We are glad to share our knowledge and experience with you. By downloading our white papers, we can support you to make the right (strategic) decisions.

The basis of employment screening

More often, some form of screening is a part of the intake process. Regardless of privacy requirements, the process must run quickly and data must be checked as optimally as possible.

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De basis vragen over screening beantwoord
Een passend screeningsbeleid voor jouw organisatie

The perfect screening policy:
what should you look for?

An appropriate screening policy forms the basis for a successful implementation of the screening process. But how do you establish such a policy? And how do you subsequently ensure a successful implementation within the organisation?

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Screening and privacy:
tips for GDPR-compliant employment screening

Screening prospective employees or tenants is by definition an invasion of privacy. That infringement has not diminished under the new GDPR, but what has changed?

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Screenen en de AVG
Succesvolle in-employment screening

The requirements of successful in-employment screening

In-employment screening is a smart addition to pre-employment screening, but what is in-employment screening exactly? And why combine pre- and in-employment screening?

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Screening at different organisational levels

When a company decides to start screening employees, they automatically have to consider sector-specific laws, the employee’s position, and how to check the right data.

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Succesvolle in-employment screening
Screening voor multinationals

Screening for multinationals: a complex puzzle

Are you a multinational company looking to screen your (potential) employees across foreign subsidiaries? Our whitepaper discusses what you need to consider when screening across countries.

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