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  • Single Point of Entry and no double entry of candidate data
  • Better informed hiring decisions
  • Centralised collection of all important information

What is Appical?

Appical is an easy and effective platform for the pre- and onboarding, engaging and retaining employees. A plug-and-play SaaS solution with a native iOS- and Android-app and focuses on creating pleasant employee experiences.

Appical optimizes the employee experience and supports organisations to more easily create and plan workflows, set up onboarding processes and make employees more confident and productive. This allows employers to maintain content in one place and monitor the progress of employees. Appical guides employee during their entire employee journey and offers its services to medium-sized and large organisations in the public sector. All the phases of the employee journey can be personalized and tailored to the wishes and needs of your organisation.

Appical & Validata

We partnered up to provide a fast and efficient screening process for our clients. Validata’s screening software is integrated in Appical, resulting in a more user-friendly, complete solution to screen current and new employees. An essential part of preboarding is the screening of new employees. The integrations allows employers to start screenings, see screening statuses and screening reports from the Appical platform. Employers only need to fill in candidate data once which saves a lot of time and makes it less prone to errors. This speeds up the preboarding and onboarding process, which benefits employers as well as (new) employees. Validata makes sure that the candidate data is protected and GDPR compliant which allows organisations the comfort of being sure. The partnership of Validata and Appical contributes to a hassle-free start of the pre-boarding and onboarding process of new employees.

Interested in integrating with Appical?

Get in touch with our Partner Manager, Bart Weustink, by filling in the form below or calling
+31 (0) 88 050 2100 and asking for Bart.

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Bart Weustink, Partner Manager bij Validata denkt graag mee over integratie mogelijkheden

Benefits of integrating Appical

Single Point of Entry and no double entry of candidate data

Because of the integration, employers can easily start a screening from Appical. Because the data from both systems is merged in the application of Appical you only have to fill in the candidate data once. This speeds up the preboarding and onboarding process, which benefits employers and (new) employees and makes it less prone to errors.

Better informed hiring decisions

Our software integration allows employers to start a screening from Appical. During pre-employment screening, relevant data of the potential employee will be verified. This ensures certainty about the information that candidates have shared. With a pre-employment screening by Validata, you know for sure who you are hiring because all relevant facts have been checked before you finally hire the applicant.

Centralised collection of all important information

As all important information is available in the platform of Appical, candidates have a better overview. Employers can launch employment screenings from within their existing workflow. Employers and (potential) employees can access screening statuses and screening reports in one system which gives a better overview.

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