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The future of pre-employment screening and onboarding

The recruitment and onboarding process have changed significantly in recent years. Where different parts of the process used to be executed predominantly offline, now most of it takes place online. And since the Covid-19 pandemic has employees working from home more, this trend has taken flight. That is why Validata and onboarding platform Appical are working closely together to serve their customers online.

Victor Romijn, Customer Success Manager at Appical, explains: ‘In recent years, onboarding has taken up an increasingly prominent place within recruitment and selection. Pre-employment screening has become an indispensable part of this. Clients are increasingly aware of how employment screening and onboarding can add value, both within the organisation and to the outside world.’


Online pre-employment screening and onboarding are growing in popularity

‘According to our customers, online onboarding takes about two weeks longer than it used to, because most new employees now spend their first workday at home,’ says Victor. ‘After all, there aren’t any colleagues who can show you around the workplace. When you have your onboarding process in order, it serves as a business card; it’s the new employees’ first introduction into your organisation.’

‘Pre-boarding is also becoming increasingly popular. Before they even start their first workday, future employees under contract are prepared for things like the organisational culture and sometimes the responsibilities that come with their new position.’ ‘A pre-employment screening fits into this perfectly,’ says Laura Broekaart, Account Executive at Validata. ‘Validata has seen demand for this verification on the rise for years. As an organisation, you don’t really know who you have in front of you until you’ve checked relevant personal data. Performing pre-employment screening is crucial in order to continuously guarantee an organisation’s quality and integrity.’

Frequently, pre-boarding with the new employer and off-boarding with the previous one take place simultaneously. That’s why it is important that pre-boarding isn’t too intense an experience. So make sure you provide information gradually, not all at once,’ Victor recommends. ‘It’s important employees remember everything that’s communicated before they start their job. That way it doesn’t have to be explained again at a later date.’

Viewing and managing all information in one central place

‘While employment screening often results in a fragmentation of tasks internally, Validata’s online application Valluga allows everything to be managed in one central location. You often see different checks being handled by different employees and departments,’ says Laura. An HR department, for example, may ask a (potential) employee for a valid identity document, while the submission of an integrity statement is the responsibility of Risk and Compliance.

Appical onboarding app

Onboarding and employment screening increasingly digitised

‘The candidate journey is becoming increasingly important for both onboarding as a complete process and for employment screening as a component of that,’ Laura says. ‘When candidates receive the right information at the right time and are therefore able to take action more quickly, this ultimately results in a shorter turnaround time.’

To make the candidate journey even more efficient, more and more parts are digitised. ‘The digitisation of both pre- and onboarding makes the process unambiguous,’ says Victor. ‘This means that all new employees, regardless of the position they will later hold, are approached in the same way. In addition, the quality of pre- and onboarding can be guaranteed continuously.’

‘Although the communication within Valluga radiates unity, there are certainly differences within the screening profiles we offer,’ says Laura. ‘Because every sector has different (legal) requirements, we offer different checks to match. Also the specific function of a future employee causes a difference in screening components. Because of this flexibility Validata always has a screening profile that fits every situation perfectly,’ says Laura.

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