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Validata provides a complete package through smart partnerships

Employment screening is used by an increasing number of organisations. Whether you aim to screen new or current employees, it is good to know who you are hiring and retaining. Sometimes, employment screening is required by law, but to be honest, every organisation should be able to guarantee the quality and integrity of its employees.

Because of collaborations with professional partners, Validata can provide a complete package. Through the integration of API’s into your own HR system, a recruitment and onboarding process can be completed more efficiently, while the departments involved feel less pressure. Also, our smart screening software and direct contact with data suppliers enable you to receive the screening results sooner, so you can make the right decisions straight away.

Employment screening part of the recruitment and onboarding process

Since 2009, Validata is the market leader in employment screening. In the past, laws and regulations or risk management were often a reason to start employment screening. Today, organisations want to guarantee the quality and integrity of their employees themselves. Both pre-employment screening – verifying new employees – and in-employment screening – verifying current employees – are conducted.

Employment screening is a (crucial) part of the complete recruitment and onboarding process. For some organisations, smoothly linking the individual elements proves to be difficult. Therefore, we receive an increasing number of requests for a complete package. Here, several partners are working closely together – each with an individual area of expertise – to provide a fast and efficient process.


A small selection of our partners:


A platform for the preboarding, onboarding and offboarding of employees. A plug-and-play SaaS solution with a native iOS- and Android-app. Validata’s screening software is integrated in Appical to create a user-friendly complete solution.

Visma Raet


Streamlines, automates and optimises recruitment processes. Recruitment software EasyCruit is developed by Visma |Raet. Validata’s screening software is integrated in EasyCruit so candidates can be recruited, selected and hired faster.



– Ubeeo (formerly known as HireServe)

Innovative recruitment solutions using custom recruitment software. The integration of Validata’s screening software in Ubeeo enables (potential) employees to be screened ‘with a click of a button’, based on a suitable screening profile.


Fast and easy integration of Validata’s screening software

The integration of Validata’s screening software can be realised fast and easy through an advanced API link. This allows organisations to screen (potential) employees using their own HR or recruitment solution. The link enables all parties involved to experience an efficient screening process: from organisations to suppliers and (potential) employees.

The connection with our software allows (potential) employees to be screened in the secure online environment of Validata. Organisations can choose to design this environment using their corporate identity, so (potential clients) do not even know they are being screened by an external party. This increases a professional appearance as well as a safe and trusted feeling.

Another advantage of integration is faster and more efficient completion of the screening process. Our software and service enable maximum results with minimum effort. Both (potential) employees and HR departments are timely informed of what is expected at which moment in the process. Due to the direct connections with our professional data suppliers, relevant personal data can be verified even faster.

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