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Communication is crucial for successful in-employment screening

How do you communicate in the right way?

In-employment screening can create quite a bit of resistance; amongst current employees, from managers, the board, or the works council. To get everyone on board, clear communication is crucial. Only by timely and adequately informing all parties involved, can in-employment succeed. Curious to know how this is done?

Communicatie cruciaal voor succesvolle in-employment screening

Creating support at the highest level

To make in-employment a success, you should start at the highest level. With a solid screening policy as a guiding principle, you can prove the importance of in-employment screening to managers, the board, and the works council. Not only does the policy explain why screening helps create a successful organisation, but also how this is done. It describes which parties within your organisation are responsible for which screening elements. Clearly communicating this information helps all parties to better understand in-employment screening. It’s important to note that if your organisation has more than 50 employees you need the approval of the works council to start your in-employment screening.

Clear communication for an efficient process

As soon as the board and works council agree, you can start focusing on the employees that need to be screened. Make sure you proactively inform them about their in-employment screening. To limit potential resistance, you can explain that screening does not imply a lack of trust. In-employment screening should mainly contribute to maintaining quality and integrity. Employees should also be informed of what is expected of them in the screening process. The same counts for parties that are involved internally. Inform them in time of when to take action. Appropriate information supply and guidance of the parties involved increases your chances of a successful in-employment screening.

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