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Yacht guarantees quality of externals with Validata

‘In Validata, we have found a reliable partner’

Yacht – part of Randstad – is an HR service provider in the broadest sense of the word. ‘We provide interim professionals in various areas of expertise, but also take care of recruiting and contracting freelancers and suppliers,’ explains Jannechien Peek, responsible for contract implementation. ‘Being able to request a screening at Validata at an early stage is crucial for us. Not only for our own interim professionals, but also for freelancers and suppliers. Everyone benefits from a streamlined screening process that complies with current laws and regulations.’


Guaranteeing the quality and integrity of external staff

‘My job is overseeing tenders and giving advice on the implementation of the requested service. Upon the end customer’s approval, the implementation and the contractual arrangements are scheduled, so the service can start as soon as possible. For Yacht Inhouse Services as well as Yacht External Staff Management, Validata provides secure screening arrangements.’

‘Since 2012, we have been working together with Validata. Conducting the screenings ourselves was not an option as this specialist work would be added on top of our core responsibilities. Therefore, we were searching for a professional partner that could efficiently arrange our screening process. Our service requires fast screening results and Validata can guarantee to provide these. At the same time, they can guarantee that screenings comply with current laws and regulations.’

 Always finding suitable solutions, also for special requests

‘Initially, our collaboration primarily focused on Yacht External Staff Management. Last year, Yacht Inhouse Services was added. Our screening profiles were further expanded, and we have great contact with Lisanne Vermeulen, Customer Success Manager at Validata. She is our direct point of contact and has a lot of knowledge, so she can adequately advise us on the screening options and possible recent developments.’

‘Special requests of our end customers can also be shared with Validata. We discuss these with Lisanne to find suitable solutions together. It great to feel heard and work as a team. In addition, our feedback is used in the continuous development of Validata’s service and software system. This is important with regard to our service for our end customers and user-friendliness for our interim professionals, and freelancers and suppliers.’

Keeping an overview by organising everything in one central place

‘Just like our own interim professionals, freelancers and suppliers can also use the customer-specific screening arranged by Validata. In our personal account, we can request screenings for our own interim professionals as well as for freelancers and suppliers. Depending on the arrangements with our end customer, the costs can be handed to us or – using iDEAL – to the freelancers and suppliers. The advantage for freelancers is that they do not have to arrange their own screening and can benefit from our price agreements with Validata.’

‘By organising everything in one central place, we are keeping an overview. This is crucial when having to act fast. For external staff, screening is often required to start a new project. Requesting the screening early in the process means we can guarantee unequivocal screenings to our end customers. And the onboarding can be reduced by two to three days. The result: contracting can be completed faster and external staff can start sooner at our end customers.’

‘In Validata, we have found a reliable partner that is on the same page. They really work with us and provide smart and suitable solutions.’

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