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Validata Group announces Validata Group Sweden A.B.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 18th, 2021: Validata Group is thrilled to announce that it has officially opened its’ first location in Stockholm, Sweden. To support the move, Validata has partnered with the prestigious Nordic recruitment company, Boardtalk, to advance pre- and in-employment screening across this new region.

The new Swedish partnership combines Boardtalk’s expertise as a Nordic recruitment specialist with Validata’s innovative screening solution and extensive experience in leading background checks for multinational companies across numerous sectors in Europe.

Collaboration with Boardtalk

Boardtalk is a major recruitment and executive search player in the Scandinavian region and will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. “Background checks are currently not integrated into every recruitment process in Sweden but this is also due to the perceived turn-around time and hassle. It’s a very manual process for many. However, bringing Validata’s technology together with our own experience of the local market and recruitment process will add significant value for clients.” explains Mats Holmberg, Partner at Boardtalk.

Validata has now chosen to open its doors in Sweden due to an increased demand for its services across Northern Europe. Apart from the continuously growing demand for compliance and risk management solutions within HR, this also comes as a result of the HR market’s exponential digital transformation over the past two years. As such, companies have been compelled to optimise and digitise their operations.

Meanwhile, with a strong background in recruitment, understanding the recruitment process on a local market level has been a key focus for Validata since its founding. It has allowed Validata to adapt its solution and effectively tailor its services to specific sectors. The joint corporation is a win-win for both parties as it merges two areas of proficiency and adds true value for businesses in Sweden.

About Boardtalk

Having been in operation since 2002, Boardtalk has become an expert in the recruitment of skilled candidates. Headquartered in Stockholm, the specialised agency recruits for companies across Sweden. With a wealth of in-house expertise, Boardtalk provides its dedicated services for both the employer and the candidate, ensuring the right people work in the right places.

Validata logo

About Validata

Validata is an innovative global technology company that specialises in the provision of expert background screenings, strengthening the trust in the people you work with. Our compliant software solutions and excellent client support enable you to safely screen your candidates and employees. At Validata, we take the entire screening process off your hands and help you make safe and smart hiring decisions.

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