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A secure online system that reflects the screening policy of ICS

‘Every organisation searching for employment screening should work with Validata’

ICS – a subsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank – is market leader in issuing credit cards in the Netherlands. ‘For 30 years, we have been responsible for issuing, record keeping and transaction processing of Visa and Mastercard,’ explains Mark Blesma, Corporate Recruiter. ‘During busy times, like holiday periods, we hire many (external) employees. Outsourcing our employment screening to Validata reduces the risk of making mistakes and increases speed, so new employees can start working straight away.’


Selecting candidates, based on a new strategy

‘Two years ago, we chose our new mission: “ICS is the most reliable and secure payment service provider.” To reach this objective, we instantly made some changes. Adapting the infrastructure of our organisation for example, where departments such as IT and Security were given a new place. Of course, our main objective remains the issuing of credit cards but while doing this, our focus lies on the reliability and security of our service.’

‘With this strategy in the back of our minds, we select candidates that can bring ICS closer to its objective. These days, we are looking for the right people in the right place(s). As Corporate Recruiter, you are given a lot of responsibility and freedom. Your choices contribute to the success of the organisation. ICS relies on the knowledge and skills of its employees and provides space for innovative ideas and insights.’

 All of our screening request have been honoured

‘Since 2019, we have been working together with Validata. Prior to this, we conducted the employment screenings ourselves. Various colleagues in our HR department had to focusing on this full-time. Because ICS is a subsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank that already outsourced their employment screening to Validata, it was a logical step for us to do the same.’

‘Where we expected to have to compromise, all of our screening requests were honoured. Validata is extremely client-oriented and flexible; they come up with fitting solution for every possible request. The implementation process went very smooth and fast.’

A secure online system for (potential) employees

In our new infrastructure, HR remains overall responsible for our screening policy, but some tasks are mutually shared. We register and assess the employment screening of (potential) permanent employees while Procurement does the same for external employees. When we expect a peak in financial transactions – during holiday periods, for example – we always use external employees. For them too, it is important to match our strategy, in which reliability plays a crucial role.’

‘Validata’s software system works very intuitively. You immediately understand what is expected of you at which moment in the process. the same counts for our (potential) employees. We know that our employment screening is conducted by Validata, but candidates experience the screening as an integrated part of ICS.’

Not having to worry about the process, still making the right decisions

‘Validata relieves us of almost all work. In our personal account, we register the name and contact details of a candidate and select a matching screening profile. From then on, we no longer have to worry, because Validata takes care of the entire screening process. The fact that we do not have to play an active role in the process, saves a lot of work. Only when we receive the screening report, do we have to get back into action.’

‘It is up to us to draw conclusions from the information in the screening report. If any ambiguities or minimal mismatches were detected, they are stated in the report. Often, a quick check with the candidate brings the clarity that is needed. Validata will never make any positive or negative judgement with regard to the results in the report. They always remain objective and only present the information on which we will base our decisions. That is our responsibility.’

Speedy screening process, great for us and our candidates

‘Depending on the type of screening, the turnaround time generally is five working days: from the moment we request a screening to the moment we receive a report. Not only is this speedy processing ideal for us – especially during periods when we request many employment screenings – but for our (potential) employees too.’

‘Before, we had to inform them that their first day of work needed to be postponed because the screening results were not in yet. Now, they can start almost immediately because of the speedy service of Validata. And if a certain screening is needed extra fast – for a candidate starting an important position, for example – we can notify Validata, so this screening is given priority.’

Validata knows what they are talking about and offer sound advice

‘What strikes me, is that when I call Validata Support, they really know what they are talking about. Their service far exceeds answering simple questions. Depending on the situation, they offer suitable, sound advice. Validata has carefully studied ICS and understands our processes. Therefore, they always come up with smart solutions, so we can act fast.’

‘Also, when it comes to current employment screenings, Validata stays informed. It seems like they monitor every individual process, because if we ask specific questions, they instantly know which screening we are talking about. Every organisation searching for a screening partner that provides custom solutions and that can process large amounts of screenings, should work with Validata’.

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