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Validata wins ‘Digital Disruption’ Award at European Technology Awards

Validata wins ‘Digital Disruption’ Award at 2021 European Technology Awards

On December  2nd, 2021, the second edition of the European Technology Awards was held at the Ritz hotel in Paris. Validata was awarded the ‘Digital Disruption’ Award for its exceptional service and software, which has outstandingly disrupted its clients’ onboarding and hiring process.

‘Digital Disruption; Award for Validata’s SaaS solution

Validata Group was chosen by a panel of independent judges for demonstrating exceptional achievement in one of the 24 technology categories at this year’s edition of the European Technology Awards. Reflecting the program’s core values of innovation, success, and integrity, Validata Group has proven to be an outstanding digital leader in its field. With a SaaS solution that uniquely connects with data partners and leading HR software from around the world, Validata’s cloud-based technology has augmented the candidate’s screening experience and transformed clients’ onboarding process.

Continuous development in European technology sector

The technology sector is changing rapidly. Within the HR sector specifically, the contest to digitise and personalise the recruitment and onboarding process has propelled many businesses forward. However, recent developments like the current COVID-19 pandemic have also had a profound effect on the sector. The pandemic has shown companies that digitisation, personalisation, and ultimately, building trustworthy teams are essential as more people work remotely across the world. After all, it is the people that determine the success of an organisation.

European Technology Awards

The Professional and Business Excellence Institute rewards businesses with outstanding achievements in a variety of sectors. The European Awards which include four award divisions; Technology, Legal, Healthcare, and Business recognise the unique success and innovations of businesses in these fields. Previous Award winners of European Technology Awards include Accenture, Fujitsu, and Eviation to name a few. Every year, the objective is to bring together inspirational professionals from diverse backgrounds and exchange knowledge.

Validata Group: European ambitions

Validata believes that people determine the success of an organisation. By knowing who you hire, organisational quality and integrity can be continuously guaranteed. Since 2009, Validata has empowered organisations to make better-informed hiring decisions. Today, the company is the Netherlands ’ market leader for employment screening. However, Validata also has European ambitions. Responding to market demand and to locally serve the Scandinavian market, Validata opened its first overseas location this year in Stockholm, Sweden. More locations in Europe will also follow allowing organisations throughout Europe, to guarantee the quality and integrity of their employees.

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