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VAT number validation

Checking a VAT number is done, for example, when you as an organisation plan to hire freelancers.

VAT number validation with Validata

During a VAT number validation, Validata checks the VAT number provided by a (potential) employee or partner. In addition, the status of the relevant company, as registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK), can be investigated.

Checking a VAT number is done, for example, when you, as an organisation, plan to hire freelancers. A VAT number validation provides an answer to questions such as ‘does the freelancer have his or her own company?’ and ‘is this company registered with the Tax Authority?’

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VAT number validation using a personal online account

If a (potential) employee or partner has a VAT number, its validity can be checked. A (potential) employee or partner enters the VAT number via his or her online account, so that Validata can start checking the number. The result can then be found back in the screening report.

International VAT number check via Validata

An international VAT number check is also possible within Validata’s services. Validata performs this check, for example, when the respective company is registered elsewhere in Europe. For this purpose, the VIES register is checked, which is available on the European Commission’s website.

After selecting the country of registration, the international VAT number can be entered. The VIES register then indicates whether the number exists in their database. This check will also provide insight into the company name and address linked to the VAT number.

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Why conduct a VAT number validation with Validata?

Validata addresses your concerns

As soon as the (potential) employee or partner has provided their VAT number, Validata takes the entire screening process off your hands.

Looks beyond borders

In addition to the validation of a Dutch VAT number, Validata can also check an international VAT number.

Specialises in employment screening

Validata has specialised in employment screening since 2009. Due to our many years of experience, we offer a fast and efficient screening process that complies with current (privacy) laws and regulations.

Screen employees with Validata

The success of an organisation depends on having the right employees. Consequently, it is important to make sure you know who you are recruiting and retaining. Validata has created different screening profiles for each sector that can be supplemented as desired. In addition to the VAT number validation, there are numerous other screening checks to choose from.

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