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Internet scan

The internet scan examines the candidate’s internet behaviour at various levels. Risk management control is often the main reason for organisations to do this check.

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Internet scan

Duty of disclosure in internet scan

As an employer, you are not allowed to simply look up a candidate/employee on the internet, as this is easily an invasion of someone’s privacy (GDPR). It must be justified and the company must have good reasons for doing so. Also, consider making a policy within the organisation. This should include why an internet scan takes place and how this information is evaluated and can add value to the organisation and the position in question.

The candidate should also be informed about this research beforehand. At Validata, this is very clearly stated in the declaration form that is shared with the candidate in advance.

How does the internet scan work?

Candidates only need to enter their personal data in Valluga, Validata’s online screening platform. This data (or a combination of it) is shared with our partner, DataExpert. They will use this information to perform the check.

When other data is available to Validata, such as education data, employment history and the uploaded CV, this will also be shared with DataExpert.

DataExpert has several search engines and tools to search the indexed web. For example, they collect social media accounts of the person and this is reported. The information is put on the final report, but only if DataExpert is sure that the information matches with the candidate.

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Basis package: Indexed web scan and social media scan

In the basic package, the indexed web and all social media channels are checked for information of the candidate. The indexed web refers to the part of the internet that is indexed by search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and is accessible for searches.

Besides various social media channels, platforms and other forms of online presence are also checked for any kind of matches with the candidate.

This package is completed after about 1 working day.


Complete package: Deep web scan

For both investigations, open sources are looked at to best capture the candidate’s digital footprint. For the deep web scan, the dark web is also inspected for similarities with the candidate.

The dark web is a part of the internet that is not accessible through the commonly used search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo). The dark web consists of websites and services hidden behind encrypted networks and are often only accessible via special software.

This package takes longer. A screening is completed after 72 hours on average.

When is the internet scan performed?

The more senior a person’s position is, the more often Validata finds that an organisation is interested in using the internet scan. In integrity-sensitive positions, such as a management position, it is especially important because these candidates can become the face of an organisation. It is also very important in positions where the prospective employee will have access to sensitive company information.

The internet scan ensures that the employer knows in advance whether the candidate shares inappropriate content on social media, for example, or has strong political opinions online. It is important that the candidate is not an easy target for blackmailing as a result of certain information on the internet.

This check is most common in the financial and business sectors. These companies want to limit the risk of damage to their image, for example. The internet scan contributes to that.



What is DataExpert?

DataExpert is a partner in the field of data security and crime fighting. DataExpert works closely with defence, police, government, financial institutions and other companies to improve safety and security and support them with expertise, innovative software, training and services.

DataExpert provides products and services to combat (cyber) crime, fraud, incident response and incident management to governments and businesses. Validata has partnered with DataExpert to offer in-depth internet scans of candidates at both basic and comprehensive levels.

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Internet scan results not evaluated by Validata

DataExpert provides only factual and 100% reliable information in the form of a report during this check. This report consists of the URL’s found and hereby a short description. These findings are shared with the employer via Valluga, Validata’s screening software.

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How long is the turnaround time of the internet scan?

The average turnaround time of the internet scan is on average between 24 and 72 hours. DataExpert is able to deliver the results quickly because this process is partly automated. Besides the automated part, it also requires a specialist to perform the search findings and asses the URL’s.

Why conduct an internet scan with Validata?

Validata unburdens you

As soon as the (potential) employee enters his personal data, Validata takes all work off your hands. Our partner carries out the check within 24 to 72 hours, after this the results will be processed with the screening report.

Validata complies with laws and regulations

Thanks to our own Privacy Counsel, our Data Protection Officer (DPO) and our own processing register, Validata is always able to comply with all laws and regulations concerning employment screening.

Is a specialist in employment screening

Validata has been a specialist in employment screening since 2009. Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer a fast ad efficient screening process.

Screen employees with Validata

The success of an organisation depends on having the right employees. Consequently, it is important to make sure you know who you are recruiting and retaining. Validata has created different screening profiles for each sector that can be supplemented as desired. In addition to the Work experience check, there are numerous other background checks to choose from.

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