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The Royal Dutch Medical Association check (RDMA)

Reliability and professionalism are important in healthcare. This is essential for the trust of patients and for the integrity of healthcare institutions. A fundamental roll in all of this is the RDMA check role in this.

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Reducing risks with the RDMA check

By verifying authorisations and registrations of medical specialists within the Netherlands, you reduce several risks. For example:

  • Medical errors
  • Legal complications
  • Loss of the trust within patients
  • Reputational damage

When providing quality care, it is important that someone, who is registered in the RDMA. can prove that they have the right knowledge and expertise. A RDMA check ensures that all medical specialists meet the Dutch requirements within the healthcare sector.

Enforcing these rules results in high quality standards, protecting patients and protecting your organisation.

Optimise your organisation: An in depth look at RDMA checks

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Why check The Royal Dutch Medical Association?

The RDMA check is an indispensable fundamental process to guarantee the highest quality within the healthcare sector. Medical specialists who are registered, can be employed by healthcare institutions with peace of mind.

These are the biggest advantages of the RDMA check:

  • Patients are protected from incompetent care performed by unauthorised professionals
  • Protecting the reputation of the healthcare institution
  • Preventing serious legal disputes
How does Validata check the RDMA for your organisation?

Validata takes the complexity of RDMA checks off your hands, so your healthcare organisation can focus on delivering excellent care to your patients. Our approach allows clients to comply with legal requirements without compromising their operational efficiency.

We do this by:

  • Performing a quick verification process of registration status. We aim to complete a check within 48 hours
  • Checking the data against the client’s specified information
  • Checking whether the candidate’s specialism is known in the RDMA and BIG register

The RDMA check is normally intended for specialists who have completed their training; if someone is in training, we can still check and will complete the check with a note.

How to recognise license restrictions?

The RDMA publishes license restrictions in Medical Contact. These are often suspensions or deletions of a registration as a result of a court ruling. Current professional restrictions are indicated in the BIG register.

The indicated restrictions may hinder a specialist in certain medical actions. It is important to recognise when a specialist is operating outside his/her limits. By strictly checking for this, you contribute to the safety and quality of patient care.

RDMA check is quickly arranged with Validata

A RDMA check can be integrated with another screening from Validata. The process of the RDMA check will be simplified and accelerated this way. Clients are checked through an up-to-date register that contains the status and information of medical specialists.

A RDMA check is a standard integrated screening by Validata. This way, the check cannot be forgotten, it saves operations for your healthcare organisation and our automated software verifies all information at the source. Your organisation is assured of integrity this way. If the right documents are provided, the RDMA check can be completed within 48 hours.

Doctor checking documents in the healthcare sector

RDMA check according to GDPR guidelines

Customer privacy and protection are taken extremely seriously at Validata. All screening checks are carried out in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This ensures that all personal data processed will be treated with great care and security. We ensure that all our procedures are as transparent as possible and offer full disclosure to our clients. To dig deeper into this, security and privacy is of utmost importance at Validata.

We believe it is important that:

  • Data is protected (against unauthorised access)
  • Provide transparency about data processing
  • Ensure privacy and integrity of all parties involved
  • Put confidentiality first in this process
Screening in healthcare

Security and Privacy

We highly value a secure environment, which is why we insure:
The security of personal data and all screening processes have the highest priority at Validata. Valluga is designed with privacy and security by design. In addition, Validata is ISO 27001 and 9001 certified and holds an ISAE 3000 statement.

We also ensure legal risk mitigation:
Validata operates under the gelling laws and regulations related to screening processes, such as the GDPR and other relevant privacy laws.

Discover more about this topic here: Safety and Compliance

Want to know more about the RDMA check?

Validata is a specialist in the employment screening sector. Whether screening new or your current employees, at Validata we help you build an organisation with integrity.

  • Save costs
  • Recruit and retain reliable staff
  • Create a safer workplace

Curious about how we can unburden your organisation? We would be happy to answer your questions!

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