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Credit check

Validata checks the creditworthiness of a tenant, client or candidate.

Credit check

Credit check to prevent financial risks

Checking the creditworthiness of (potential) employees or tenants offers insight into possible (financial) risks. For Credit checks, Validata has partnered with data supplier Focum. This professional partner checks the payment behavior of a (potential) employee or tenant over the past five years.

Credit check results in the screening report

The results of a Credit check can be reviewed in the screening report. If certain points of attention emerge from the report, we recommend that you always discuss this with a (potential) employee or tenant. In most cases, these are harmless abnormalities that are easy to explain.

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Creditworthiness examined by data supplier Focum

The data that Focum uses in a creditworthiness check is mainly obtained through public sources. In addition, the Focum checks relevant information from courts, bailiffs, and debt collection agencies. Webshops can also be consulted.

When the creditworthiness is assessed, Focum checks, among other things, whether a (potential) employee has payment arrears. The exact details, such as the amount, will not be shared. In addition to the check on current payment issues, it is also examined whether a (potential) employee or tenant is listed in the guardianship and insolvency register. Finally, potential companies are inspected by name.


Request an international Credit check

Validata can also provide an international Credit check. To conduct this check, we have partnered up with data partner iCOVER. The application procedure for an international creditworthiness check differs per country. Curious about the possibilities? We are happy to tell you more about it!

A Credit check does not inspect a BKR registration

A Credit check is not the same as checking the BKR register. Focum screens the essential credit information, consequently no specific details about payments are shared. If there is a specific need for a BKR registration check, it can be added as an add-onto the employment screening. This extra check is often requested by organisations working in the financial sector. For example, for a certain position that entails extra financial responsibilities.

Why conduct a Credit check via Validata?

Validata addresses your concerns

As soon as you have registered a (potential) employee and have chosen the matching screening profile, Validata takes the entire screening process off your hands. You can look into the results of the Credit check in the screening report.

Conducts Credit checks via partner Focum

The creditworthiness of a (potential) employee or tenant is checked via our partner Focum. They mainly obtain data through public sources.

Specialises in employment screening

Validata has specialised in employment screening since 2009. Due to our many years of experience, we offer a fast and efficient screening process that complies with current (privacy) laws and regulations.

Screen employees with Validata

The success of an organisation depends on having the right employees. Consequently, it is important to make sure you know who you are recruiting and retaining. Validata has created different screening profiles for each sector that can be supplemented as desired. In addition to the Credit check, there are numerous other screening checks to choose from.

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