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Our partners

Validata ensures continuous quality by working together with trusted partners.

Key strategic partnerships

Forming strategic commercial, data, and software partnerships is a key focus for Validata. Validata believes that by partnering with other key organisations, we can make a greater significant impact for businesses and HR teams recruiting and hiring globally. Validata has identified key partnerships that provide a 360-degree view of Human Resources. Through innovative software integrations, Validata focuses on creating long-lasting relationships with our partners to support our clients and their candidates every step of the way.

Partner för kommersiell integrering

Integration partners

Validata provides direct access to our employment screening services from your preferred HR or recruitment tools to streamline hiring. Launch employment screening from within your existing workflow and access all reports from one spot.

Our integrations offer you a choice of ATS/HRS and API options, allowing you to integrate a customised background screening and reporting solution with your existing HR software. Don’t see your software platform? The fastest, easiest way to get Validata’s solution integrated with your HR tech is to get in touch with us.

Our integration partners

Data partners

Our global data partners support us to check information directly at the source. From international diploma databases to identity, criminal background, and credit checks, we’ve got you covered. Due to our digital partnerships, we can complete a comprehensive background check on average within 5 working days (excluding request for criminal record).


Our data partners

Who can carry out background checks?

Software partners

Our software partners make our application faster, user-friendly, and more efficient so you can receive results in just days. Our cloud-based technology is supported by software providers used by market leaders worldwide.


Benefits of screening with Validata

There are two options when you want to make sure that the information on a candidate’s CV is correct; you can pick this up yourself or outsource it to a knowledgeable and experienced organisation in employment screening.

Screening without Validata

  • Numerous manual processes: follow-up calls and emails
  • Time-consuming
  • Paperwork and no digital validation
  • Uncertainty regarding which information source to consult
  • Poor insight into personal data security
  • No progress overview

Screening with Validata

  • Automated processes and communication
  • Short turnaround time of 5 working days on average
  • Digital validation and all information in one central location
  • Network of partners who check information directly at the source
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Online reporting and interim insights
  • Alleviate workload for your HR department
  • Integrate with your ATS/HR system
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