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The basis of employment screening

Screening (potential) employees and checking personal data is a much-discussed topic. This white paper discusses the basis of employment screening by answering six questions.

Start with employment screening

You need capable and honest employees to grow as an organisation. But how do you make sure you are making the right hiring decision?

Employment screening can provide certainty in this case. More and more is it the case that a form of screening is part of an organisation’s recruitment process or risk management.

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White paper about the basis of employment screening

We can imagine that you may have some questions if starting with employment screening for the first time or if you are interested in Validata’s employment screening services. How do you ensure a fast, efficient, and customer-friendly screening process?

In this white paper, we discuss the basis of employment screening and answer six key questions:

  1. What is employment screening?
  2. Why is screening important?
  3. Who is being screened?
  4. When do you start employment screening?
  5. Where does the screening take place?
  6. Which type suits your organisation?

Download the basis of employment screening

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