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Optimised recruiting

  • Improve the hiring process for everyone
  • Attract and hire the best talent
  • Amplify all teams’ efficiency and business impact
  • Build an ideal hiring tech stack with easy integrations
  • Measure, iterate and improve the hiring process

What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is an innovative hiring software solution. Specialised in recruiting and onboarding, Greenhouse effectively and measurably helps businesses make smarter hiring decisions with an applicant tracking system.  Together with Validata, the entire recruitment process is professionalised and the end candidate experience optimized. Businesses have the comfort of being sure

Greenhouse & Validata

The Validata and Greenhouse integration allows for businesses to screen employees directly through Greenhouse software. Customers have one single point of entry and all screening reports, statuses and documentation are located centrally in Greenhouse.  With the ATS integration, there is no need to enter candidate data twice, submission is faster and the result? A fully optimized and digitized screening process.


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