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AFAS software
  • Start screening directly from AFAS’ HR software
  • All data saved in one central place
  • Optimised process for both employer and employee

What is AFAS?

AFAS provides one integrated software package for businesses. The ERP software is a total solution for a business’s HRM, Payroll, Procurement, Financial, CRM, Project administration and workflow, and document management. AFAS also offers its services via the AFAS Pocket app. By using the app, employees can manage the most important HR matters via their phone or tablet.


AFAS serves companies with thousands of employees, from bakeries and construction companies to healthcare institutions and accounting firms. The ERP system can be customised depending on company size and the sector in which an organisation operates. These custom options also make it easy to create links with other departments and streamline all business processes.

AFAS & Validata

The integration with AFAS’ software allows companies to screen employees directly through the AFAS software. Employers work from one system and have one central point where documentation, screening reports and screening statuses are saved. The integration with AFAS eliminates the need to perform repetitive manual tasks, which simultaneously reduces the risk of errors and saves time.

Interested in integrating with AFAS?

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Benefits of integrating with AFAS

Laptop, tablet and phone with the Validata / Valluga software
Request a screening via AFAS' HR software

The integration ensures that screenings can be started from AFAS’ HR software. This speeds up the application process, resulting in a fully optimised screening process from within an organisation’s existing workflow.

All relevant information in one central place

By centralising all important information in one system, you keep a clear overview and ensure efficiency.

Fast registration and less prone to errors

By linking both systems, employers only have to enter a candidate’s details once. This speeds up the process and prevents manual errors, which is pleasant for both the employer and the (potential) employee.

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