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Outsourcing employment screening to relieve Ordina

Guaranteeing the quality and integrity of employees

How do you guarantee the quality and integrity of employees that are placed at various clients? ICT organisation Ordina has approximately 2650 employees and focuses on placing ICT professionals, high performance teams and executing projects. Since 2015, Ordina and Validata have been working closely together to screen employees, based on 45 different screening profiles, prior to their placement. Officer Angelien Frehé explains how this long-standing relationship contributes to an optimal service.


Effective employment screening demands time and effort

‘Processing client requests, drafting contracts, screening employees and placing them at clients are the responsibility of the Sourcing Hub, a new name for a previously existing department at Ordina,’ says Angelien. ‘Employment screening is an important part of our daily operations.’

‘Before 2015, Ordina conducted the employment screenings itself; from guiding the entire process to requesting a Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC). Monitoring our employees after placing them at a client – Do they adequately execute their work? Is the project completed withing the agreed time? – was our responsibility too. At the time, Ordina experienced an exponential growth. We received countless requests and created many placements. In the end, we decided that conducting the screenings ourselves took too much time of the one person responsible.’

Outsourcing employment screening to relieve Ordina

‘That is why we started searching for a professional screening organisation that could relieve us from the work. That could arrange several screening profiles and structure our processes. After having done some research and receiving positive reviews, we approached Validata, that was still called CV-OK at the time.’

‘Bart Bijkerk (Sales & Marketing Manager at Validata then and currently CTO/COO) took us by the hand, showed us the possibilities and the software system. Ordina was asked to present any request imaginable. Validata responded by creating a fitting solution to relieve Ordina where possible. For example: upon starting a screening, Validata notifies our employees of what is expected at which moment, and which input is needed to complete the screening process as soon as possible.’

Efficient employment screening due to new infrastructure

‘Our successful conversations with Validata resulted in a new infrastructure at Ordina, so our employment screenings could be conducted more efficiently. In addition, employee instructions were created for those responsible for the various screening elements and Validata organised special trainings at our office. We also visited Validata in Amsterdam, to see the software system in action and test our own screening processes. They pulled out all the stops to meet our requirements. A very positive experience.’

‘Eventually, Robbert Remmers – Commercial Manager at Validata – took over from Bart. For him too, nothing is too much to ask. Everything is arranged for us and nothing is overlooked. It brings peace of mind to work together with an organisation that sticks to its agreements.’

Two separate screening accounts for Ordina and SourcePower

‘For a long time, Source Power has been part of Ordina. This private company focuses on placing external employees – including freelancers – at our clients. Next to Ordina’s regular screening account, a separate account was created in 2017 for SourcePower. Together with Robbert, we arranged similar screening profiles to the ones we use for Ordina. The only difference is that SourcePower has two accounts less. Also, external employees pay for their own employment screening and for the elements that are included in it, like requesting a certificate of conduct.’

‘Because of the various requirements of our clients, the screenings of both Ordina and SourcePower consist of an enormous amount of profiles. Together with Validata, we have arranged at least 45 different screening profiles to reflect the specific requirements of our clients. For Validata, no request seems to be too much; within a few days they have created a new profile we can use.’

Complete trust in the service and software of Validata

‘Not only can we always count on our contact person at Validata, but the software system they use for the employment screenings is easy to access too. Both Ordina and its employees can log into their personal online account 24/7. There are never any technical failures that prevent us from using the system. What is more, the system is safe, secure and user-friendly.’

‘Of course, going through a screening process remains a challenge for employees. They are expected to be actively involved and submit the necessary information and documents within a certain time frame. Validata guides our employees through the screening process by clearly indicating what is expected before and during their screening. When approaching a deadline, reminders are sent to still obtain the necessary information. In the end, a screening process should be completed in an efficient manner, so Ordina receives the results fast. Our employees need to be placed at our clients sooner rather than later. Up till now – with a few exceptions – this has always been the case. Validata is a partner you can rely on.’

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