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Michael Page increases quality standard by screening

‘We believe that screening with Validata will further increase our quality standards’

Michael Page is an internationally operating listed company, focusing on recruitment. ‘We work in various sectors and recruit candidates from HBO to C-level,’ explains Ilze Lamers HR Director in Northern Europe. ‘Our partnership with Validata started when we wanted to further improve our service to our end customers.’


Partnership with Validata started in opposite direction

‘We actually took a different route than most organisations working with Validata. Michael Page consists of the brands Page Personnel, Michael Page and Page Executive. And since we are constantly optimising our recruitment services, we asked Validata to verify the personal data in candidates’ resumes, in addition to the competence interviews we organise ourselves and the referees we get in touch with.’

‘We believe that screening with Validata will further increase our quality standards within our sector. We consider checking the personal data of our clients’ candidates to be an extra service. Therefore, Michael Page pays the additional costs and does not invoice the end customers.’

The value of Validata is that virtually anything is possible

‘During our search for a professional screening organisation, several clients working in the financial sector – that have a legal obligation to screen their candidates and current personnel – recommended Validata. What initially began as an additional service to our clients, we subsequently started using ourselves. To continuously guarantee the quality and integrity within Michael Page, we asked Validata to check the personal data of our own candidates too.’

‘The value of Validata is that virtually anything is possible. During our first meeting, we selected the screening elements to suit our specific needs. Validata keeps a finger on the pulse; with regard to our sector as well as Michael Page. And through asking the right questions, they create fitting solutions. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they always offer sound advice.’

Each screening can be adapted to our current requirements

‘After we started our own pre-employment screening, Validata organised specific trainings so we could get acquainted with their screening software. We explored the wide range of possibilities and learned how to adapt each screening to both our personal requirements and our end customers’ needs.’

‘Throughout an employment screening, Validata provides the right information at the right time, so candidates and referees know what is expected of them. If needed, reminders are sent to prevent the process from slowing down. The screening results are delivered fast, so candidates can start sooner at our end customers or with us. Because Validata knows our (recruitment) processes inside out, they can provide a fast and efficient service.’

Validata stays flexible and continuously provides fitting solutions

‘Validata remains flexible under any circumstances. If anything changes – whether on a global or local level – they act accordingly by immediately adapting our screening processes. The fact that they keep an eye on recent developments is crucial, as we continuously need to provide a great service to our clients.’

‘I really value Validata’s pro-active attitude,’ says Ilze. ‘Not only do they always keep a finger on the pulse, they also immediately notify us if any inconsistencies are found in the resumes of candidates. Validata provides the sector-specific assistance that takes us further and does not hesitate to get in touch when required.’

The impact of COVID-19 on our recruitment and security solutions

‘Because of the impact of COVID-19, our sector experiences a decrease in recruitment requests. We can discuss situations like these with Validata, who instantly come up with suitable solutions to meet the current requirements. Also, the way we conduct our screenings is adapted, so we continuously comply with the changing COVID-19 measures. Nowadays, we can no longer invite candidates for a live interview for example, so we have to rely on digital solutions instead.’

‘Even in this global pandemic, Michael Page wants to guarantee that the processing of personal data of candidates is securely done now that some of our employees are working from home. Therefore, we have instructed our security professionals to make sure that our online environment is secure at any time and under any circumstances. I can imagine that in the near future, Validata will be asked to play a role here too.’

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