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Loyens & Loeff safeguards quality and integrity through employment screening

‘It is good to indicate that we highly value quality and integrity.’

As an international legal and tax services provider, Loyens & Loeff have screened candidates with Validata since April 2021. ‘Performing employment screening upon entry into service sends a clear first signal,’ says Joris Ringelink, HR Officer at Loyens & Loeff. ‘It is good to indicate that we highly value quality and integrity.’

Employment screening helps ensure quality and integrity

‘As a leading firm, integrity is the most important precondition for our existence. For our clients, we are a reliable partner. We owe our success to our reputation and the trust of our clients. Employment screening helps us to safeguard this trust,’ says Joris. ‘But the sector also sets high requirements for integrity. We work with sensitive information and the associated laws and regulations are becoming increasingly extensive.’

Customised screening process with international data suppliers

‘We decided to choose Validata because they offer the ability to fully customise the screening process. This allows us to put our mark on the process and the communication to our candidates. Accordingly, it is clear that the employment screening is offered on behalf of Loyens & Loeff.’

Validata also offers the possibility for international screening. Due to the international character of Loyens & Loeff, we receive various applications from candidates with foreign nationalities. Therefore, it is nice that Validata has great partnerships with data suppliers so that specific data can be checked quickly and safely.’

Easy to approach, flexible, and quick response

‘We work with several screening profiles that clearly distinguish between the different functions and the responsibilities involved. Validata is very flexible regarding this manner.’

Clear communication ensures a short turnaround time

Candidates are more aware of the need for employment screening and it is also something we communicate to applicants in advance. Our vacancies for instance state that employment screening is part of our hiring process. Without a completed screening, you cannot start at Loyens & Loeff. It ensures that candidates feel the need to submit the required data on time so that their screening can be completed as quickly as possible.’

Working from one central system via AFAS integration

‘In addition, the integrated AFAS software, which we have been using since September, contributes to a streamlined screening process and a short turnaround time. The implementation process of this integration went rapidly.’

‘This integration that Validata offers makes screening a lot easier. To request an employment screening you no longer need to separately log in to Validata’s environment. All data is ready in AFAS, so users don’t have to enter the same information more than once. The screening report is also sent directly to AFAS’ software; we no longer need to contact Validata for that. This automation is a huge benefit.’

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