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Why conduct an extended background check?

An extended background check ensures that the person you are considering hiring is who they say they are. This helps you assure that they are suitable for the job. Every industry and job has their own needs as to what should be included in a background check. That is why the check must be tailored to your specific needs.

Here we will show you how to conduct an extended background check with Validata and why it is important to have a screening policy with guidelines for the check process.

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Benefits of conducting an extended background check

An extended background check, also known as a comprehensive background check, is a more in-depth and extensive screening. For example, in addition to the standard check such as identity verification, employers may also conduct an education, work experience up to five years, salary, and or adverse media check. The advantage of conducting an extended background check? A clearer picture of the considered candidate.

At Validata, you can easily combine any checks you need in a screening and get a background check tailored to your needs. Validata has developed three screening profiles as standard checks to choose from, but for each, you can easily add other checks to meet your needs.


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Good is our basic background check and includes an identity verification, criminal background, and credit check. This option is suitable for low-risk roles with limited responsibility.


Better is a more comprehensive alternative that includes a salary check and verification of education and work experience. This alternative is suitable for higher-risk roles with more responsibility, such as roles in finance or HR.


Best is an extended background check where we delve deeper into the verification of work experience and also perform a check against sanctions lists and or the candidate’s social media accounts. This alternative is suitable for high-risk roles with access to sensitive information, for example, executives or board members.

Add-ons based on role

Depending on the role’s responsibilities and the business’s industry, you may need to customise your background check with additional checks.

At Validata, we have extensive experience with screenings and can provide recommendations on which checks you should include for different departments and roles.

Employment screening with Validata

A screening policy is a framework for your background checks

A screening policy means that the company sets an overarching plan for what checks are included for different positions. This way, you always know which checks will be performed before each recruitment and the policy ensures that the laws and regulations within the industry are followed.

The screening policy should also indicate who or which departments or employees are responsible for the various parts of the process, and what happens if there is a negative result. A transparent policy provides clear guidelines which are easy to follow.

Bakgrundkontroll vid rekrytering

We quickly and efficiently verify public information about private individuals

In Sweden, public information about private individuals is available to everyone. However, checking public information from several different sources, especially during an extended background check, is time-consuming.

Validata has developed smart and secure software where you can quickly and easily conduct background checks at scale. You select a screening profile and any additional options if you want to perform an extended background check, then enter the applicant’s name, email address, and phone number. Then Validata takes care of the rest. The applicant provides the requested information, and we check all public information directly from the source with our data providers. Both you and the candidate receive a digital report where you can immediately see if anything in the result deviates.

The entire process is quick and efficient, even when conducting an extended background check with several add-ons. You reduce your overall screening time and the risk of any errors significantly when everything is handled in one system. You receive quick results and can make safe and better-informed hiring decisions.

If you would like to know more about extended background checks, please feel free to contact us.

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