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5 trends in employment background checks in 2024

A survey by ResumeLab (2022) showed that the number of lies in CVs is increasing. For example, about 18% don’t tell the truth about their skills, 27% don’t tell the truth about their work experience, and 17% don’t tell the truth about the work they’ve done at previous jobs.

It makes sense that there will be even more focus on background checks when hiring in 2024.

In this article, we highlight the 5 key trends for 2024 and tell you how your business can benefit from them.

Ongoing 2 trends in 2023

There are two major trends that were already relevant in 2023, but will continue to play an important role in 2024:

1. Labour market scarcity in 2024

The expectation for this year is that labour market scarcity in Sweden will continue in 2024 and onwards. In particular, the demand for skilled labour in the health and social care sector. This shortage prevents many businesses from growing. Hence, investing in employee retention remains important. Applying background checks when hiring gives you insights into the integrity of your future employees.

2. Hybrid work is still an established part of today’s employment landscape

Trusting your employees is at the heart of hybrid work. A thorough check on hiring allows your organisation to ensure employee integrity.

Let’s look at the 5 trends that will set the tone for 2024. Follow along below.

1. Internationalisation of background check

Many companies operate on an international level and have employees all over the world. Foreign candidates are hired partly to reduce labour shortages. Background checks on international employees help to ensure their integrity and reduce related risks.

International laws and regulations are another reason for the growing trend in employment screening internationally we see at Validata.

Companies operating internationally must ensure that their pre-employment screening processes comply with the laws and regulations of the country in which they operate. Validata relieves them of this burden.

2. Increase in background checks on existing employees

At Validata, we see a large increase in the number of background screenings of already employed people carried out in the last year. In 2022, this type of check represented 3.8% of the total, in 2023 a full 12.8% at Validata. In addition to increased compliance requirements, it may also be due to the tight labour market; employers are more dependent on the people they have, and background checks are also increasingly common in internal transfers.

Another reason for the increase could be the regular publication of news articles about unfortunate events that show that background checks in employment are important.

3. Checks on external employees

Another trend we see is that organisations are increasingly hiring external employees such as consultants and freelancers. It is also important to exclude unnecessary risks with external employees. In fact, the same risks and reasons to scrutinise your (external) employees apply to this group.

We have received many questions from our clients about background checks on their external employees. They wanted to know if it is possible with Validata and it is.

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Make background checks on employees and new hires easy via your mobile phone, wherever you are.

4. Digitalisation

Internally, we are constantly innovating and making technological advances. Digitalisation is still a trendy topic. For example, it is a priority for us to automate as many processes as possible. This way, both candidates and our support staff can spend less time on manual tasks. With the increase in the number of checks, it is important that the process is automated more and more, so that efficiency can continue to increase and Validata can more easily scale up its services.

The mobile accessibility of our verification platform Valluga has improved significantly over the past year. Employers and candidates can more easily follow the progress of the check and view it at any time. It is also possible to complete the entire check via mobile phone.

Since early 2024, companies have been able to request Right to Work checks for their new hires. Additionally, when hiring refugees, employers are obligated to verify the right to work documents. All checks can be requested online.

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Personnel working on information security and cybersecurity

5. Cybersecurity and data privacy

Even in 2024, cybersecurity and data privacy remain crucial in the employment screening world. Every year, the threat of cyber-attacks grows explosively across Europe, according to the Council of the European Union.

At Validata, we take this threat very seriously and invest in strong cybersecurity and privacy protection. For example, our employees are trained in how to recognise phishing emails, what to do in different situations and how to handle confidential information as safely as possible.

In this way, we create awareness and develop skills that reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.

Are you curious about what else we do in cybersecurity and data privacy? Send us your request below.

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Why choose Validata for background checks of employees?

 More on how to start background check

Short turnaround time

Once the correct data has been received, a check in Sweden, with exceptions, takes an average of 3 working days. International checks take about 10 days.

Offloads your HR department

Validata completely offloads your HR department. All you have to do is select the right verification profile in Valluga and then enter the candidates’ details. From that moment on, Validata takes over.

Links to ATS/HR systems

Validata’s API makes it easy to link our employment background check software to your ATS/HR system. This allows you to relieve your HR department even more.


Insight for both employer and employee

Both the employer and the employee have access to, as well as the concept report as the final.

Access anytime, anywhere

In our background check application.

Realtime status of screenings rapports

In our screening application clients have access to the realtime status of all your screenings, 24/7. So, you are always updated regarding the status.

Summary of the 5 trends in background checks

  1. Internationalisation of background check
  2. Increase in background checks on existing employees
  3. Checks of external employees
  4. Digitalisations
  5. Cybersecurity and data privacy

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