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Boardtalk uses screening to ensure quality and integrity

‘By using employment screening, we help our clients find qualified and honest employees’

In May 2021, Validata opened an office in Stockholm, Sweden to serve organisations in the Nordic countries with local expertise. Boardtalk is the first Swedish organisation to start employment screening with Validata. ‘It is a good thing that employment screening is becoming increasingly popular in Sweden, as screening our candidates offers our clients more quality, integrity and security,’ says Mats Holmberg, Managing Partner at Boardtalk.

‘As a leading recruitment organisation headquartered in Stockholm, Boardtalk focuses on the real estate sector as well as on the financial sector. In addition, we successfully provide interim recruitment solutions to our clients. Instead of using advertising to fill our clients’ positions, we actively search for the right candidates ourselves, in order to find the perfect match. Boardtalk is a professional and mature company, with more than twenty years of experience in the HR and recruitment sector.’

Employment screening is becoming more common in Sweden

‘Boardtalk recruits approximately 120 professionals every year. Nowadays, screening candidates has become more common in Sweden, whereas before, undergoing employment screening was considered something extraordinary. For example, we would exclusively run background checks on candidates applying for senior positions. Not only was employment screening a time-consuming process, with a screening report taking at least one workweek to be completed, but it was also expensive. With Validata though, we can run prioritised background checks in 24 hours, and at a fraction of the cost.’

Innovative and digital screening process with short turnaround time

‘By using employment screening, we can help our clients find qualified and honest employees,’ Mats explains. ‘As an additional service, we offer our clients an ID- and a Criminal record check, request an integrity statement for example, and review the insolvency register via Validata’s international data suppliers.’

‘Including employment screening in our recruitment process shows that Boardtalk is a professional, competent organisation that is committed to finding the right people for each of our clients’ vacancies. We are a forward-thinking company, using modern technology and digital solutions. When our clients request employment screening, we can offer them an innovative, digital screening process with a short turnaround time.’

User-friendly screening process to specifically suit the Nordic market

‘Boardtalk is Validata’s first Swedish client and therefore, we have agreed to test the screening profiles that were carefully selected by their Customer Success Managers, to meet the local requirements in the Nordic countries. In order to further fine-tune their screening solutions to accommodate the Swedish market, Validata has asked us to provide feedback when using their software and service.’

‘If we want to guarantee a fast and efficient screening process, every step has to be clear from the start. Our candidates need to know which data to insert into Validata’s online application, and how this should be done.’

‘With employment screening becoming a standard procedure, our candidates are used to the prospect of starting a screening process. Also, when it comes to Validata’s digital screening solution, we hardly receive any comments about its efficiency. Obviously, this is a good sign as our candidates undergo their employment screening successfully. Validata’s fast and user-friendly screening process allows them to fully focus on securing the jobs that our clients have on offer.’

Safeguarding personal data with Validata’s digital screening solution

‘Through using Validata’s digital screening solution, we know that our clients’ and candidates’ personal data is continuously kept safe and secure. Boardtalk too, is very cautious when processing data. We make sure that privacy sensitive information does not get sent back and forth, if this is not strictly necessary. For example, after having received and analysed our candidates’ screening reports, we will only inform our clients when Validata has found irregularities in any of the results.’

Combining local expertise and an international screening service

‘We find it very easy to communicate with Validata. Our appointed Customer Success Manager Mieke Buunk provides great support in case we have any questions or need personal advice. To further strengthen their European ambition, Validata recently hired a Swedish employee to manage their office in Stockholm and serve the Nordics.’

‘A smart move, as she knows the ins and outs of the Nordic market. Appointing a Swedish manager provides the perfect combination of local expertise and Validata’s international screening service. Their pro-active approach to understanding the Swedish market, allows Validata to tailor their solution to our specific needs.’

Using employment screening to guarantee quality and integrity

‘I expect that in the coming years, employment screening will play an increasingly important role in HR and recruitment. Instead of it being offered as an additional service, our clients will expect employment screening to be integrated into our recruitment and interim recruitment services.’

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