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Tenant Background Check

A Tenant Background Check to Select Suitable Tenants

A tenant background check creates clarity when selecting a suitable tenant for your property. It provides answers to questions such as: How do I select the right candidate from a range of potential tenants? And what do I need to know before entering a business relation with someone?

When choosing the most suitable candidate, several elements are of importance. It goes without saying that tenants should be trustworthy and open about their situation. The records submitted by potential tenants contain a lot of information, but you cannot assume that every piece of information is accurate. Creating clarity before a tenancy agreement is signed, is necessary for home owners, estate or letting agents as well as tenants. A tenant background check can offer direct insight in the situation and help you make better, sustainable decisions.

A Tenant Background Check Prevents Problems

Screening potential tenants and executing a tenant background check can save you a lot of trouble. Screening is a preventative method to reduce risks for home owners, estate or letting agents. Unpleasant situations where tenants refuse or are not able to pay after signing the agreement, cost an unnecessary amount of money. As an estate or letting agent, you can save yourself such trouble by screening the candidates first.

Screening Potential Tenants Saves Time and Energy

The aim of screening candidates is relieving the home owner, estate or letting agent. Screening will take away some of the risks and offer security. Depending on the needs of the home owner, estate or letting agent, there are several screening options. Verifying a candidate’s identity document, credit rating or criminal records for example. The outcome states if the personal data is accurate and instantly shows which type of tenant you are dealing with. Subsequently, you will be advised to enter a business relation or not.

Screening Potential Tenants Is User-Friendly

During a screening, the candidates’ data are verified and specific facts that are crucial to home owners, estate or letting agents are checked. A screening is done fast, efficient and completely digital. The entire process is taken care of and continuous support is provided. Afterwards, you receive an online screening report containing the outcome of the screening. based on this screening report you are able to determine whether or not to do business with this tenant.

A Tenant Background Check is a Preventative Investment

Screening potential tenants is a preventative method that is worth the investment, since unreliable tenants will cost a lot of time, energy and money. Avoid unpleasant situations and schedule a tenant background check prior to signing a tenancy agreement!

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