About us

Find out about our purpose, values, how we started, and what we believe Corporate Social Responsibility is all about.

Our purpose

At Validata, our purpose is ‘giving organisations the comfort of being sure’. We believe that people determine the success of an organisation. Therefore, making safe and smart hiring decisions is crucial. With our quality-driven software and services, we help organisations build safer working environments and ensure that the best candidates are hired for each position. Ultimately, this allows organisations to deliver continuous quality and grow sustainably.

In a world that is rapidly changing and evolving, business interests and risks are increasing and prove more difficult to assess. Since 2009, Validata has conducted more than 200,000 screenings worldwide. We assist organisations with their employment screening process, ensuring that it is efficient and 100% GDPR compliant. Our deep sector knowledge and digital partner integrations help our clients maintain integrity and quality within their organisation.

Our core values

A great company culture is built on a strong set of values. Validata’s values define who we are, how we work with partners, and how we serve our clients.

CommittedTo be committed is to be part of the process; as a team and together with our clients. For us, it is crucial to stay actively involved and keep working towards a solution, instead of waiting for others to make a move.   
InnovativeAs an organisation and as individuals, we aim to continuously evolve. Not only do we keep improving our software and screening elements, but we focus on our business as a whole. By always moving forward, we stay at the forefront of our field. 
TogetherAs a team, we achieve more than when we work alone. This also illustrates how we want to work with our clients, data suppliers, and partners. Co-creation will bring us further; let’s recognise each other’s strengths and combine our talents within the team.  
TrustTrust is at the core of everything we do. Every day, organisations and individuals need to be able to trust us when using our software and sharing personal data. We deeply respect the trust of our clients and our success depends on this. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Each year, Validata conducts thousands of screenings worldwide. This creates a commitment to operate responsibly and ensure that organisations grow sustainably.

Human Focus

We believe building sustainable growth starts with your people. We help businesses build teams that are built on mutual trust and transparency. Internally, we have a deep commitment to each project and to ensuring we achieve the best possible result. One screening, one employee, and one business at a time.

Our Data Protection

One of our core focuses is to protect our clients’ data. We continuously develop our approach to safeguard your employees’ privacy. Our dedicated Data Protection Officer (DPO) ensures that we comply with all (inter)national privacy laws and regulations. Validata is also ISO certified (27001 and 9001) which guarantees a secure and quality driven process and service

Business Recognition

We are proud that our efforts in employment screening are recognised. For the 7th consecutive year, Validata has been awarded the FD Gazellen Award which recognises the fastest-growing businesses in the Netherlands. Validata’s software has also been nominated for several technology awards and won the ‘Digital Disruption Award” at the 2021 European Technology Awards. In addition, Validata is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and is recognised amongst leading international professionals for employment screening and background checks.

Our Community

We are dedicated to helping organisations hire the best people, but also to helping people find the best opportunities. We support various foundations that improve the lives of disadvantaged groups. For example, Validata supports the ‘Emma at Work’ foundation that assists young people with a physical illness move towards an independent future. It closes the gap between young people and society, ensuring that they get a fair chance in the labour market. Moreover, as a tech-orientated organisational, we have supported the ‘Hack your future’ foundation which offers a web development programme for talented refugees and other disadvantaged groups with limited access to education.

Validata Group

“Our people truly make the difference and I am exceptionally proud of how we have grown as a company to serve clients around the world. Our deep understanding and ambitious outlook continuously support us build better work environments one business, and one hire at a time.”

Harm Voogt CEO
Inspirational quote Harm Voogt