Screening - Validata - Specialist in het wereldwijd verifiëren van data

Innovative Software for the Verification of Personal Data

Protect your business, organisation or association and check who you are doing business with. Validata specialises in data verification for:

  • pre-employment and in-employment
  • client acceptance in the financial and real estate sector
  • screening volunteers

Organisations in all sectors benefit from our online services for managing business risks. Our screening solutions comply with current laws and regulations, including privacy laws.

Or get screened yourself.
A screening report puts you in a strong position during interviews, with future clients and other business relations.



Clarity in Every Sector

How It Works

Step 1: Log In

Log in with your user name and password

Step 2: Choose a Screening Profile

Choose the screening profile of the person being screened

Step 3: Fill in the Data of the person

• Name
• E-mail Address
• Mobile Number

Step 4: Person is being screened

Person receives an email containing log in details and starts his/her screening

Step 5: Start Screening

Validata conducts the screening

Step 6: Screening Completed

You can download the report

‘Would you like to learn more? Please contact us.’