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(Pre-)Employment for Banks, Insurance Companies and Asset Management

Release your HR staff from time-consuming security and liability checks for candidates and employees. Validata provides an online screening environment to start a new screening 24/7. It is user-friendly and secure, since the data are checked at the source. You can continuously monitor the progress. Upon completion, you will receive a clear screening report that complies with relevant law and regulation, including Wft and AFM requirements.

1-100 per Year

You can start now. Choose the right profile based on the risk factors of the position, co-operation and organisation to comply with laws and regulations.

101-1000 per Year

Do you need to be sure that the data of a candidate, volunteer or client are correct? We verify personal data globally, using a secure online process.

1000+ per Year

Validata’s software and screening solutions can be easily integrated in recruiting and credit management. You will increase quality and save costs.

‘Working with Validata is a success. They relieve our work load in a professional, fast and efficient manner.’

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