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Below, we have listed the 4 most frequently chosen screening profiles. Choose the profile that corresponds with the risk factors of certain positions in your organisation and comply with relevant laws and regulations in your sector.

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The minimum credit is € 250, to be paid via iDEAL or credit card. Your credit can be upgraded at any time.

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Explanation screening elements:

Verification Identity Document

Validata verifies the authenticity if the identity document on a national and international level. Also, the VIS-register reports when an identity document is registered stolen or missing.


Validata verifies the current education as well as previously gained degrees and diplomas. The verification of educations within the Netherlands is done by Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) or the training institute. If a degree or diploma was gained abroad, we collaborate with Nuffic or Qualification Check.

Work Experience

Validata verifies work experience in the past five years. Via a secure link, an appointed referee or HR department is approached to check the following:

o Is the specified employer correct?
o Is the specified working period correct (to the day)?
o Is the specified position correct?

This list can be extended by adding optional objective questions. The answers will appear in the screening report. Do the referee or HR department not react to repeated requests sent via e-mail? Validata Support will get in touch via telephone.

Internet Profile

In collaboration with a data supplier, Validata provides insight in all webpages relating to a person concerned. We only show the URLs that can be linked to that person with 100% certainty.

Credit Rating

Validata provides information about possible current payment issues, company names and addresses, civil rulings and registration in the insolvency register. Please note: If you are not registered at a Dutch address, unfortunately it is not possible to perform a credit check.

Integrity Statement

Validata facilitates a standard questionnaire that includes integrity-related questions in relation to current criminal matters, secondary functions, etcetera. After answering the questions, the list is signed by the person concerned. Do you have a personal integrity statement? We can digitise it and include it in the screening.

PEP, Compliance and Sanctions Lists

Validata verifies registration in a Political Exposed Persons list or sanctions list. We consult several international lists. Media sources that mention the person concerned are also included in the screening report.

Certificate of Good Conduct / Criminal Background Check

Validata facilitates the request of a Certificate of Good Conduct or its foreign equivalent. Does the person concerned have DigiD? Then we initiate the process online. In other cases, we assist in its request via the municipality. Did the person concerned live abroad in the past years? Then we assist in acquiring the relevant Criminal Background Check for that country.

Freelance Check

Validata verifies the authenticity of the VAT number and/or the status of the company’s registration at the Chamber of Commerce.

Corporate Screening

Validata verifies the Chamber of Commerce number and conducts a credit check via data suppliers Dun & Bradstreet and Graydon.

Sector-Specific Registers

For some positions it is necessary that the person concerned is included in a certain register, like the BIG and RGS register. For other positions, quite the opposite applies, like the FISH, EVA, FACTS and LOKET register. Validata can check most registers and includes the outcome in the screening report.

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Step 6: Screening Completed

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Screening Support

Validata Support assists in conducting screenings. Would you like to learn more? Or are you being screened yourself and do you have questions

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