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Screening Credentials

Screening by Checking Credentials?
When posting a job opening as an employer, you can have several requirements. Making the right decision is difficult. Among the dozens of incoming resumes, numerous candidates will undoubtedly send an appealing document. In practice, however, it turns out that most resumes contain a more positive version of reality. People lie about important information, such as obtaining degrees and diplomas or work experience. As an employer, how can you judge what is true and whether someone does not lie about his/her background?

Screening Credentials Offers Employers Certainty
As an employer, you run many (potential) risks when hiring a new employee. Hiring an unsuitable employee could have very negative (financial) consequences. Taking someone at his word no longer provides adequate certainty. Verifying credentials is a useful tool to check if the image someone presents, corresponds with reality.
A reference can help form an image of a potential candidate. Former employers or educational institutions can provide relevant information about the candidate. Facts such as the length of the previous work contract or capacities of the candidate can be very relevant. Credentials can be very useful to gain insight in business performance. Uncertainties about the performance of the candidate can be confirmed or disproved by former employers. Screening with the help of credentials is aimed at analysing the work history of the potential employee. Does the information and impression you have of the candidate correspond with the credentials of former employers? Then you can determine if a potential employee is a valuable addition to your organisation.

Screening Credentials and Privacy
Validata helps you, so you know who you are hiring for your organisation. A good, flexible and user-friendly online screening process can take away uncertainties and concerns and help you make a better and conscious decision. Credentials can help verify relevant information fast and safe, and be of use throughout the further screening process. The candidates’ data are processed in accordance with relevant privacy law and legislation and security requirements. Validata believes protecting personal data is of the utmost importance and therefore handles it discretely. Screening using credentials ensures minimising potential risks for the employers, when hiring future employees. After the screening, there is more certainty about which candidates could be a valuable addition to your organisation.

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