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Corporate Service

Select the Best Candidates for a Position

Service-oriented organisations need to rely on the integrity of their employees. Structure your (pre-)employment screening policy with this in mind, using Validata’s online screenings. An online account at Validata allows you to start a new screening 24/7. In a secure environment, you can continuously monitor the progress. Upon completion, you will receive a clear screening report. You will comply with relevant law and regulation, including privacy and security.

1-100 persons per Year

You can start now. Choose the right profile based on the risk factors of the position, co-operation and organisation to comply with laws and regulations.

101-1000 per Year

Do you need to be sure that the data of a candidate, volunteer or client are correct? We verify personal data globally, using a secure online process.

1000+ per Year

Validata’s software and screening solutions can be easily integrated in recruiting and credit management. You will increase quality and save costs.

‘Validata provides a fast solution to screen potential employees. Therefore, the final part of the recruitment process is taken care of. Any questions concerning submitted screenings are answered fast and adequate. We can certainly recommend Validata!’

Ilse Klaver


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