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Profile Check

Important online profile check
Hiring an employee with the right capacities and motivation that fit with your company is tricky. Before you as an employer hire someone, it is handy to have the right picture of the future worker. The online profile of candidates can say a lot about the expertise, reliability and integrity of the person. Applicants sometimes embellish the truth slightly in their CV. Information about having diplomas or work experience is relevant for you as an employer but, unfortunately, the truth is sometimes distorted. Not only in writing, an applicant can also present a lot of untruths about himself/herself online. The applicant’s internet profile offers you as an employer a lot of information. Yet it remains tricky: how can you know which facts are true and which ones aren’t? And how do you then choose a suitable employee?

Guarantee with online profile screening
Before an applicant can be recruited, it is extremely valuable for the employer to know who he/she is dealing with. Not until the employer is updated on the right information on relevant matters about the applicant, can he make the right decision. Hiring a new employee is risky for employers. If the employee turns out not to have the required capacities, then he/she cannot execute the work properly and this will eventually cost the company money. Dismissing an employee isn’t easy or cheap. For the employer it is more effective to know all relevant information about the applicant in advance, so a well-considered choice can be made. By screening the internet profile, you as an employer can see how an applicant presents himself online. A good presentation and reflection of the employee’s capacities leaves the right impression. Screening the online profile provides control and confirmation of relevant data. This can determine whether the potential employee is reliable and honest and can be a suitable gain for you as an employer.

Easy, fast and online screening process
Validata is the specialist in screening people and companies. With the low-threshold online screening process, relevant personal data of the online profile of (future) employees can be screened and verified. This check is carried out to limit potential risks for employers as much as possible. Outsourcing screening gives you a professional and reliable result about your potential employee. Validata works in the framework of privacy legislation and security and sets great store by the screening process. As a result, the employer is guaranteed about the reliability and suitability of the (potential) employee. This enables certainty in the decision whether the potential worker would be a good and long-term asset for the company.

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