Screening for Multinationals

Understand what you should consider when screening employees across foreign subsidiaries

International screening for subsidiaries

Europe, with so many different countries and cultures, appears to be a complex continent to collect all relevant data quickly and efficiently. Inevidentally, there can be major differences between different countries in the extent to which employment screening is accepted, which background checks are allowed and what data is available.

White paper about screening for multinationals with subsidiaries located in different countries

When a multinational operates in different countries and employs a variety of international employees, managing employment screening is a challenge. In this white paper, we will examine the following topics in more detail:

  • The conditions for international employment screening: For any internationally operating organisation, there are three fctors that determine the ease and success with which employment screening can be performed.
  • (Inter)national laws and regulations: Which local (privacy) legislation do you have to comply with?
  • Managing international employment screening: How you can manage employment screening on an international level efficiently and comply with GDPR requirements
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