Our screening solution

Using unique technology and leading integrations we streamline your hiring process. Improve compliance, accuracy, and speed.

Our screening solution

Validata works with an innovative screening solution, in which new candidates locally or internationally can be registered 24/7. Accounting for your sector and country, our software allows you to tailor background checks to your organisation’s needs and screen hundreds of applicants easily.

How does the screening process work?

Step 1: Log in
Fill in your personal username and password
Step 2: Screening profile
Select the correct screeningsprofile for this candidate
Step 3: Details candidate
Enter the details of the candidate
Step 4: Person is being screened
Candidate receives an email with log-in details and request to partake in their own background screening.
Step 5: Start screening
Validata will process the screening and do all the actual background checks.
Step 6: Screening complete
Both you and the candidate will receive a message that the screening report is complete and ready to download.

What do our clients say about us?

Michael Page Group

“Validata remains flexible under any circumstances. If anything changes – whether on a global or local level – they act accordingly. They know our recruitment process inside out and with their extensive knowledge they can instantly come up with suitable solutions.”

Ilze Lamers HR Director Northern Europe

“Validata does what we agreed to when starting our collaboration. For many years, they have been taking care of an important part of our onboarding process, for our national as well as international staff.”

Jean-Paul Haack CFE

“Conducting the screenings ourselves took too much time for the one person responsible. For Validata, no request seems to be too much. The system is also safe, secure, and user-friendly. Overall a very positive experience.”

Angelien Frehé Officer
Michael Page Logo
equensWrdline about their partnership with Validata