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An all-in-one solution

AFAS provides one integrated software package for businesses. The ERP software is a total solution for a business’s HRM, Payroll, Procurement, Financial, CRM, Project administration and workflow, and document management. The advantage? Employees no longer have to perform repetitive manual tasks. It reduces the chance of errors and saves time. With a complete ERP system, all employees can focus on their core tasks again.

AFAS serves a small number of employees to corporates with thousands of employees. From healthcare institutions to accountancy firms, from bakeries to construction companies, the ERP system can be tailored for every size of the company and every industry.

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Validata & AFAS

The Validata & AFAS integration allows for businesses to screen employees directly through AFAS software. Customers have one single point of entry and all screening reports, statuses and documentation are located centrally in AFAS.  With the ATS integration, there is no need to enter candidate data twice, submission is faster and the result? A fully optimized and digitized screening process.