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BIG registration

The purpose of the Professions in Individual Health Care (BIG) is to guarantee the quality of care legislatively while protecting patients from incompetent and careless actions. BIG registration is mandatory for twelve healthcare professions.

What is a BIG registration?

The BIG register is part of the BIG Act. This is a legal, online and public register that clarifies a healthcare provider’s competence. Only healthcare providers listed in the BIG register are allowed to use a protected professional title and perform the corresponding acts independently.

BIG registratie

Why is there BIG registrations for healthcare personnel?

With almost one and a half million healthcare providers and millions of citizens depending on their expertise and support every day, the healthcare sector plays a crucial role in our society. Because the BIG register provides clarity about a healthcare professional’s capability (the right qualifications), you can presume that they are competent and vigilant in their work. This contributes to the aim of the BIG Act, to ensure that everyone receives high-quality care.

Is BIG registration mandatory for your employees?

The BIG register contains the details of the following professions:

  • pharmacist
  • physician
  • physiotherapist
  • healthcare psychologist
  • clinical technologist
  • remedial educationalist
  • physician assistant
  • psychotherapist
  • dentist
  • obstetrician
  • nurse
  • specialists and doctors in training

These healthcare providers therefore need to be registered in the BIG register.

Requirements for a BIG registration

The professions mentioned above must meet the following conditions to be eligible for a BIG registration:

  • hold a valid professional qualification
  • are not under supervision because of their physical and/or mental condition
  • do not have a professional restriction
  • can demonstrate that they meet the criteria for re-registration every five years
  • have paid for a registration period of five years

BIG registration for foreign employees

Zorgverleners met een buitenlands diploma moeten rekening houden met aanvullende voorwaarden voor een BIG registratie. Zij komen namelijk alleen in aanmerking als het behaalde diploma van gelijkwaardige inhoud en niveau is als een diploma dat behaald is in Nederland. Om dit te bepalen, moet het buitenlandse diploma officieel erkend worden. Hiervoor zijn verschillende procedures. Welke procedure geldt, is afhankelijk van de nationaliteit van de zorgverlener, het land waar het diploma is behaald en het beroep waar de aanvraag voor wordt ingediend.

A BIG re-registration

A BIG registration has to be renewed every five years. In order to qualify for re-registration you must be able to prove that you meet the requirements again When the registration has expired, the healthcare provider receives a call to renew their registration. They assess whether someone has sufficient work experience based on a standard number of hours. If the number is not sufficient, they must meet certain training requirements.

Re-registration is important because patients must be able to trust that their healthcare providers are and remain competent. Periodic re-registration in line with certain criteria better ensures quality of care and keeps the register up to date.

Employment screening in healthcare

In the course of their work, healthcare providers deal with privacy-sensitive information and vulnerable target groups. It is therefore important to screen your personnel. Additionally, screening also helps healthcare institutions to meet their legal obligations, such as the duty to verify . In addition, as a healthcare provider, you must take into account the duty to verify, the Wkkgz and requesting a VOG for new employees.

Validata has strong experience working with the laws and regulations in the healthcare sector and the need to ensure qualitative care. We would be happy to think along with your organisation about a suitable screening solution. Want to know more about screening in the healthcare sector?

Employment screening in healthcare


Employment screening via Validata

Validata addresses your concerns

As soon as you have registered a (potential) employee and have chosen the matching screening profile, Validata takes the entire screening process off your hands.

Wide network of trusted partners

Validata has a partner network that allows us to quickly verify the relevant information directly at the source.

Specialised in employment screening

Validata has specialised in employment screening since 2009. Due to our many years of experience, we offer a fast and efficient screening process with the best possible candidate experience.

Specialised in employment screening for healthcare

Validata has many years of experience with the laws and regulations that healthcare institutions have to comply with and consequently, with screening healthcare employees.

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