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The objective assessment of a screening report

Who assesses the results of a screening report?

A (potential) employee has completed a screening process and a report has been created. Who will analyse the results? Different departments in an organisation will each analyse the report with their own interests in mind. So, HR or Recruitment will read the results differently than Risk and Compliance. Create a fitting screening policy to help make an objective judgement. The policy explains which departments and employees are responsible for specific actions. Only then can you make sustainable decisions that help move your organisation forward.


Legal obligation of employment screening

In certain sectors, screening (potential) employees is a legal requirement. For example, the financial sector has the Financial Supervision Act (FSA), and the Dutch healthcare sector must check employment history as part of the Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz). Candidates in these sectors applying for a new job know that employment screening is part of the application process. Organisations in sectors without a legal obligation are also increasingly starting to screen (potential) employees. Why? As mentioned before in our blog “the benefits of employment screening at a glance“, employment screening contributes to a successful organisation.



Outsourcing employment screening saves time and money

It will save your organisation a lot of time and money if a screening policy has been well thought through and the screening process is adequately arranged. If you seamlessly connect the different screening elements, the process becomes more efficient and user-friendly for both candidates and your organisation.

In addition, outsourcing employment screening to organisations such as Validata ensures direct links with professional authorities, so personal data is checked directly at the source. The quality and security of privacy-sensitive information are continuously guaranteed, and you automatically comply with current laws and regulations. But most importantly, outsourcing employment screening allows the different departments within your organisation to fully focus on their main tasks. As soon as a screening process has been completed, you receive a screening report. Based on the outcome, you can make mindful decisions and your organisation can keep growing sustainably.

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