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The requirements of successful in-employment screening

By screening existing employees, you ensure the quality and integrity within your organisation. In our white paper we discuss the conditions that you as an organisation must meet, can in-employment screening be successful.

Screening existing employees

Increasingly, in-employment screening – the screening of existing employees – is being used. This mainly concerns checking personal data in the case of a career change or promotion within an organisation.

White paper about conducting in-employment screening

The challenge of making in-employment screening a success is affected by a number of elements. In our white paper we discuss the following subjects:

  • The smart combination of pre- and in-employment screening: As an employer, you want to be aware of changes that potentially entail risks.
  • Requirements for a successful implementation: By fulfilling these conditions, your organisation shows that it complies with current legislation and regulations and that it has its affairs in order.
  • The importance of clear internal communication: In-employment screening can generate resistance, so how do you ensure sufficient support?
  • What to do in the event of a negative outcome in the screening report?: When an employee has completed their screening, the results will be drawn up in a clear report. But who judges the results internally?

Download the requirements of successful in-employment screening

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