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Employment screening will become more important in 2023

A new year has started; a great time to look ahead and discuss the most important expectations for 2023. What should an organisation look out for when hiring and retaining (new) employees?

There’s a greater need for screening in 2023

To discuss the expectations for 2023, we must take a moment to reflect. What were the most notable developments in 2022 that ensure employment screening remains high on this year’s agenda?

  1. At the top of the list was the tight labour market. This made it all the more important to know who you are bringing in and keeping within your organisation.
  2. Due to the shortage, suitable personnel were sought not only locally but also internationally. But how do you check the authenticity of an international diploma?
  3. Next hybrid working which became an integral part of modern employment. Trust was here the starting point and employment screening helped to monitor integrity and quality.
  4. Finally, in 2022 there were several reported instances of inappropriate behaviour and unsafe working environments at leading organisations. This is not only harmful for those directly involved but also damaging for the organisations’ reputations.

The consequences of the growing staff shortage in 2022

With the labour market tightening, some organisations are feeling pressure to get their candidates started quickly. This may come at the expense of background checks, such as employment screening. But is it wise to skip this part? Aren’t you then taking unnecessary risks that could damage an organisation in the long run, with all the (financial) consequences?

Thanks to years of experience in various sectors, Validata offers a digital, efficient and user-friendly screening process for every function. Depending on the responsibilities that a function entails, the severity of a screening will vary. All data is checked objectively – often by source verification. This allows decisions to be made based on objective information rather than a subjective assessment.

With Validata’s innovative screening software supporting short lines of communication with data suppliers and active guidance of candidates during the screening process, Validata can guarantee short lead times. Both clients and candidates have access to their personal online environment, where screening can be accessed and viewed 24/7. An efficient screening process indicates that an organisation takes its business seriously. It is a sign of being a professional employer when employment screening is an integral part of the recruitment and onboarding process.

More expats in organisations are reducing staff shortages

The tightening labour market in 2022 also created another trend. Due to a shortage of suitable staff, organisations increasingly looked for candidates outside Dutch borders. But how do you check the identity, creditworthiness or authenticity of diplomas of international candidates? How do you get in touch with the right local bodies, and do they provide the same quality and security as their Dutch colleagues?

Validata has been working with (international) data suppliers for years. These professional parties not only check a degree for authenticity but can also indicate the Dutch equivalent of the certificate obtained. This way, employers no longer have to compare apples with oranges, but can make a fairer assessment in the selection process.

Hybrid working is becoming a standard at more companies

During the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, working from home became the new norm. But even now, more and more organisations are allowing their employees to work partly from home. Hybrid working is shown as an added value on many vacancies. This degree of flexibility is often perceived by (potential) employees as a sign of trust from the employer.

Employment screening can help maintain this trust. Screening offers the opportunity to check objective personal data both before and during employment. There is therefore no question of uncertainty, but a clear check to see if the data of (potential) employees (still) fits the job profile. Consequently, employment screening can lay the foundation for an honest working relationship.

By recruiting and retaining the right employees as an organisation, you create the opportunity to build integral teams. The employees in these teams act from the mission and vision of the organisation, with an emphasis not on social control but on taking personal responsibility. Hiring staff with integrity is an important first step towards a healthy organisation aimed at sustainable growth.

Staff mistakes jeopardise safe working atmospheres

Adding employment screening to the recruitment and onboarding process provides insight into who you are hiring. This is important not only in terms of knowledge and experience but also integrity. For sustainable growth, a candidate must suit  an organisation’s culture, mission and vision in multiple areas. Employment screening is therefore a smart tool to monitor an organisation’s core values.

In 2022, there were several instances of inappropriate behaviour by high-profile individuals, creating unsafe working environments. This is not only damaging to those involved, but the weeks of media attention these incidents received caused considerable  reputational damage to the organisations. These incidents  not only harm a company’s image but also have major financial consequences.

Outsourcing employment screening pays off immediately

Employment screening can be used both before and after employment to filter out unsuitable employees from an organisation. Mentioning employment screening in the vacancy as part of the recruitment and onboarding process already has a preventive effect. People with less good intentions are less likely to respond in this case.

Employment screening directly reduces the chance of a mis-hire or bad-hire. When is transpires that a new employee does not meet the job requirements or does not fit in an organisation for some other reason, often a lot of valuable time has already passed, and a considerable financial investment has been made. The time and costs involved in outsourcing employment screening are nothing compared to this. Every organisation should put monitoring its quality and integrity first. Employment screening can contribute to this in an effective and efficient manner, signalling that an organisation has and keeps its affairs in good order.

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