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Fast and efficient screening of healthcare personnel at Amsterdam UMC

‘Efficient screening process so (potential) employees can start sooner’

In June 2018, the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) and VUmc merged administratively into the Amsterdam UMC. From then on, both locations have been working closely together to align and harmonise their (screening) policies and processes. At the moment, the separate HR departments are combined into one HR Services Amsterdam UMC. A complex puzzle for Sandra Visee, Manager HR Services, and Mirella Zonneveld, Staff Advisor HR Services.


From two JCI accreditations to one accreditation

‘Location AMC has been working together with Validata for many years, and the same counts for VUmc,’ says Mirella. ‘Initially, the standard profiles of Validata met our screening requirements. But new insights concerning our screening policy and the fact that the BIG register – stating if someone is qualified for the job – suddenly counted as primary source verification, meant we had to re-evaluate and adapt our profiles.’ ‘At the same time, we successfully obtained our second JCI reaccreditation,’ adds Sandra.

Screening policy of both locations are re-evaluated

‘Since location AMC and location VUmc continue as Amsterdam UMC, we are looking to harmonise our separate screening policies into a collective one. This means critically analysing which positions we screen, how we screen these and why we screen. Right now, the screening policies of the two locations do not correspond and the moment when (potential) employees are screened sometimes varies. Together, we map these differences to create one screening policy, including similar profiles.’

Smart suggestions based on Validata’s experience in healthcare sector

‘Our screenings are digitally supported by Validata’s software,’ explains Mirella. ‘As soon as we request an employment screening, Validata takes over the entire process. We do not have to do anything. If needed, they also send reminders to candidates or referees. Only when we receive the screening report to start analysing the results, do we need to get back into action.’

‘The healthcare sector continuously changes and as Amsterdam UMC, we need to adequately respond,’ says Sandra. ‘Any adaptations of our screening profiles are instantly taken care of by Validata. They make smart suggestions based on their experience in the healthcare sector. This means screening elements can be quickly added or removed, in case these no longer meet current criteria. Everything revolves around an efficient screening process, so we can hire (potential) employees as soon as possible.’

Appropriate assistance and smart solutions of Customer Success Manager

‘It is great that Validata knows the ins and outs of the healthcare sector. They provide smart solutions and sound advice, based on their previous collaborations with other healthcare institutions. At Validata, we have one point of contact. Loetje de Koning, Customer Success Manager, has carefully studied our organisation and therefore, she can offer appropriate assistance. The implementation of the reporting tool is a great example. This tool provides more insight in the number of screenings during a certain period as well as the way we screen. All in all, working together with Validata is a great experience.’

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